The jump boost challenge may seem a bit intimidating at first, but it’s not very difficult. You may notice your driver does a jump boost pretty much every time he goes off a ramp or jumps over an object like a log.

How to do Jump Boosts in Mario Kart Tour

Jump boosting is a very easy way to gain a slight advantage of your opponents during a race. Drivers do jump boosts any time they go off a ramp or fly into the air. You will see them do a little leap and an animation, and get a small boost.

Not every single object will give your drivers a jump boost, so you will have to do a little trial and error. From our experience, logs, fallen trees, and ramps are a few objects that definitely do give you jump boosts. The difficult part here is aiming your driver towards the object and not missing.

Mario Kart Tour is really all about learning how to maneuver your driver using the newly introduced controls. Once you master this, hitting a jump boost whenever it’s available will be no sweat.