Dyson Sphere Program is a futuristic space factory simulation game developed by Youthcat Studio. Like other resource gathering factory games, you’ll likely run out of inventory space early on in the game. Rather than continuously building storage boxes all over the place, there’s a better solution to clear out your inventory. Here’s how to delete items from your inventory in Dyson Sphere Program.

Deleting items from your inventory is quite simple in this game, but it’s not explained clearly anywhere at the moment. Early on in the game, you will likely accrue many useless materials from clearing out the land. Everything in the game seems to have a purpose, but things like Logs and Plant Fuel may overburden you. This causes issues when you need to manually build something that requires many materials.

How to Delete Items From Your Inventory in Dyson Sphere Program

Bring up your inventory with the C key and select the item you want to delete. Press the Delete key on your keyboard to permanently delete the item you choose. There’s no way to get the item back after deleting it from your inventory, so make sure to select the correct item.

How to Delete Items From Your Inventory in Dyson Sphere Program

Another way to get rid of items quickly is by building a Storage MK1 (or higher) logistics crate. There’s a limit to how much you can store in this, but building one allows you to transfer items over quickly. You can CTRL+click on any item to move all of the same things over to the storage box. Storage boxes also stack so that you can have a few dropoff points with high capacity around your planets for easy access.

That’s how to delete items from your inventory in Dyson Sphere Program. It’s not the most difficult thing in the world to do, but you may have been wondering about it since the game does not explain it anywhere.