How to Defeat Mammon After Killing Each of His Artifacts

In Darksiders Genesis there are a number of quests players can complete during chapters to earn rewards. These quests typically involve defeating enemies a certain way, or find specific items. One quest you can complete during Chapter 6: Mammon is Iconoclast. This quest involves defeating Mammon after killing each of his artifacts. Below I show you how to defeat Mammon after killing each of his artifacts.

NOTE: easily done when you have more health after beating the game, but can be done at any time.

What are Mammon’s Artifacts?

Image showing one of Mammon's artifacts during his boss fight in Darksiders Genesis.

When you enter the vault where Mammon resides you will trigger a boss fight with Mammon. During this boss fight Mammon summons four artifacts to aid him in battle. The artifacts Mammon summons are as follows:

  1. Coffin on left side of room.
  2. Mirror in middle of room.
  3. Book on right side of room.
  4. Hammer that floats around the room.

These four artifacts must be destroyed before you deliver kill Mammon. To destroy each artifact listed above you need to target it and deal damage to it. Each artifact has a health bar. Once that health bar is depleted you’ve killed the artifact.

Claim Iconoclast Quest

Image showing the Iconoclast Quest in Darksiders Genesis.

After you’ve destroyed the four artifacts listed above you want to defeat Mammon. Deal the final blow to Mammon and the Iconoclast quest will pop up as being ready to hand in. The reward for completing this quest is 1500 Souls. The Souls can be collected from the Quests screen accessed through the start menu.

That’s all you need to know on how to defeat Mammon after killing each of his artifacts in Darksiders Genesis. Let me know how you found this quest in the comments below.

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