The modern Persona games make consistent use of the themes of Jungian psychology. Shadows, for instance, are repressed selves, the sides of us that we don’t want others knowing about. Some Shadows want nothing more than to be recognized, while others such as Shadow Alice in Persona 5 Strikers, go to great lengths to keep their secrets hidden. Here’s how to defeat Alice’s Lock Keeper in Persona 5 Strikers.

After locating Shadow Alice’s stash of stolen desires, the Phantom Thieves realize that they’re locked out of it by a mysterious gate. After some sleuthing, they discover the power source of this gate in their own school, Shujin Academy. Upon entering, they’re confronted by a bizarre monster, the likes of which they have not seen before: the Lock Keeper, a creature determined to keep a lid on Alice’s dirty laundry.

How to Defeat Alice’s Lock Keeper in Persona 5 Strikers

While the Lock Keeper’s stature is a bit imposing, it’s actually got quite a few weaknesses. Specifically, it’s weak to Fire, Wind, Bless, and Curse. Considering this particular spread of affinities, you’re going to want to pack Ann for Fire, Morgana for Wind, and Sophia for Bless, while Joker can use Arsene or a different Persona with Curse skills. Sophia in particular can be very helpful in this fight, as she can use Rakunda to lower the Lock Keeper’s defense. Ann’s Enchant ability is invaluable, as it’ll allow her to deal consistent Fire damage with her whip attacks without burning SP.

The Lock Keeper favors sweeping physical attacks, with its normal axe swing slashing a small area around it followed by an overhead swing in front of it. It telegraphs these attacks pretty well, so they’re easy to dodge, but when they hit, they can wipe at least half a health bar. It’ll also occasionally use Rampage, strike a large area around itself, which you definitely don’t want to be around for. It might be helpful to have a Persona resistant to physical attacks like Slime on hand.

The Lock Keeper will sometimes briefly vanish from the arena, summoning a group of generic guard Shadows in its place. It’ll quickly reappear, so just find it again with your lock-on and let the rest of the team handle the trash mobs. Just wail on it with its weaknesses, and the Lock Keeper should eventually go down without too much fuss.