One of the last challenges to unlock all the Predator cosmetics and items is a difficult one. It’s marked as a group challenge but can also be done solo, so don’t worry about that part. First, you’ll need to unlock the Predator skin, so focus on that first. Here’s how to deal damage while Thermal is active as Predator in Fortnite.

How to Deal Damage While Thermal is Active as Predator

  • Find a Thermal Fish
  • Locate some enemies
  • Activate Thermal by eating the Thermal Fish
  • Deal 100 damage to enemies while Thermal is active

The new Predator skin and mythic items that drop from killing Predator do not supply the thermal vision, so you may be wondering how to get it. Luckily, the thing you’ll need is relatively easy to obtain as long as you can get yourself a fishing rod. Once you have one, cast your line in the waters and hope for a Thermal Fish. These can spawn anywhere, so you don’t need to worry about being in a particular location.

It’s probably a good idea to try and get more than one if possible, in case your plan backfires. When you have your fish, it’s time to find some enemies. When you have your targets in your sights, pop that Thermal Fish and take them out while your Thermal Vision is active. In total, you need to do 100 damage, so this may take you a few enemies. 

You can use a weapon like a sniper to try and knock out this challenge in one shot. Another option could be Mandalorian’s Sniper, which comes with built-in thermal vision. There you have it, that’s how to deal damage while Thermal is active as Predator. Of course, there are multiple ways to complete this challenge, but this may be the easiest. Good luck!