Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone introduces a new Warsaw Pact operator into the mix: Wraith. Freya Helvig, or Wraith, is an ex-Norwegian intel operator and an expert in infiltration and sabotage. Like all operators, Wraith has a special set of operation missions you can work on to unlock some other skins. Here’s how to complete all of the Wraith Operator missions in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Players can unlock the new operator Wraith by obtaining the Season 3 Battle Pass, which costs 1,000 CP. You’ll unlock Wraith, along with her two sets of operator missions. The missions are completable in either Warzone or Black Ops Cold War.

How to Complete Wraith Operator Missions in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

To complete all of the Wraith Operator missions in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, equip Wraith as your Warsaw Pact operator, and do the following challenges. The challenges are split into two sets, which must be completed in order: Infiltration and Sabotage, and From the Ashes.

Infiltration and Sabotage

  1. Get five melee weapon kills: 1500 XP, Rope Rage Calling Card
  2. Kill an enemy shortly after skydiving five times: 2000 XP, Groveyard Wraith Skin
  3. Eliminate 25 enemies using Gung-ho or Double Time perks: 2500 XP, Frozen Agent Emblem
  4. Get seven kills using the Tomahawk or Throwing Knife: 3000 XP, Karbon Wraith Skin

Many of the challenges need no explanation and are easy enough to complete. The subsequence challenges are gated, which means you need to complete these all in order. Starting out, you’ll have to get a few kills using any melee weapon, so make sure to include one in your loadout. 

Here’s a look at the two Wraith skins you unlock by completing the Infiltration and Sabotage set of missions:

From the Ashes

  1. Get 15 eliminations while dual-wielding pistols: 1500 XP, Summit Ascent Calling Card
  2. Recover 1500 total health using Stimshot or Stim equipment: 2000 XP, Furious Queen Wraith Skin
  3. Get 25 eliminations with an SMG equipped with a Drum Magazine: 2500 XP, Killer Clutch Emblem
  4. Kill an enemy without taking damage ten times: 3000 XP, Sand Queen Wraith Skin

For the second set of challenges, they start out requiring fifteen eliminations by dual-wielding pistols. You can opt for something like the dual Sykovs, but anything will work as long as you are confident you can rack up a few frags. Make sure you have a Stimshot in your loadout, which you probably already do, for the second step. Finally, you’ll want to run an SMG with a drum and a long-range weapon for the last two steps.

Here’s a look at the two Wraith skins you unlock by completing the From the Ashes set of missions: