One of the Florio Nature Park nighttime requests from Professor Mirror is to find a Pokemon hiding somewhere around the sign where you can usually find Hoothoot. It’s a tricky one, but luckily, as a professional Pokemon photographer, you have some tools to help with this sort of thing. You’ll need to make sure you have the Melody unlocked before attempting this one. Here’s how to complete Where’s That Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap.

How to Complete Where’s That Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap

  1. Head to Florio Nature Park (Night) on Research Level 2.
  2. Go towards the end of the level, where Hoothoot sits on the sign.
  3. Play a melody when you are close enough to the sign.
  4. Take a picture of the Caterpie that pops up.

The steps above pretty much cover it, but you’ll need to start by making sure you have the Melody Player and then heading to Florio Nature Park (Night) Research Level 2. You can skip through the entire course up until the part with the wooden sign and the Hoothoot. It’s our clue from the LenTalk Request card, so we know the Pokemon is somewhere around there.

When you’re close to the sign, tap the R button to begin playing a melody. Caterpie should pop its head up from behind the sign to see what the noise is all about. At that point, you can take a photo to score a nice 4-star Caterpie pose. Show your photo to Professor Mirror when you’re done, and you’ll get credit for the request.

That’s how to complete Where’s That Pokemon and get a 4-star Caterpie photo in New Pokemon Snap.