The Zhongli Story Quest is now available, and it’s a great time to take the new Geo polearm user for a test run. It turns out he packs quite the punch, so this may be one you want to roll for in the future. One of the first parts of the quest chain is called Vortex’s Wake, and you need to traverse a few islands in search of relics. Here’s how to complete Vortex’s Wake in Genshin Impact.

How to Complete Vortex’s Wake in Genshin Impact

To start the Zhongli Story Quest, tap on the compass icon on the screen’s top right. Select the Historia Antiqua Chapter from the menu, and make your way down to Liyue Harbor, where you have to get to the Pearl Galley.

Relic 1

To obtain the first relic, you need to fight the Hilichurls surrounding the chest. At first, it looks like it may be part of a random world chest, but it’s actually part of the quest. Take out the enemies and loot the chest for your first relic.

How to Complete Vortex's Wake in Genshin Impact - Relic 1

Relic 2

The next relic is on the same island, in the southern part of the water. Head that direction, and you should see a crate floating in the ocean. Swim to the crate and hit your use key to investigate it and gather the Customs of Liyue box.

How to Complete Vortex's Wake in Genshin Impact - Relic 2

Relic 3

Now you’ll need to swim southwest to the next island. Head to the yellow marker, and some mimic monsters will spawn. Be careful, they do a lot of damage, similar to the Oceanid. After you take them out, you’ll obtain a Mysterious Stone Tablet. Walk to the west, and you will see Kliment and Wanyan the archaeologist hanging out

To be fair, there wasn’t much need to use the elemental sight for this part, as it’s fairly straightforward. Either way, hopefully this guide helps you out in case you are stuck.