Genshin Impact‘s Windblume Festival is now underway, which means there’s a new set of quests to complete. Today is the start of Act 1: Ode to Flower and Cloud. Each act contains a few missions in what’s known as ‘Festive Anecdotes.’ The quests are pretty simple, thus far, and quick to complete. This one can be tricky, though, if you don’t know how the mechanic works. Here’s how to complete Those Hard-to-Reach Places and clear the piles of floral debris off the rooftop in Genshin Impact.

To get started with the Windblume Festival, you can simply walk into Mondstadt and start asking around. A message should pop up when you get to the center of Mondstadt, introducing you to the event. Once you unlock it, you can open up the events tab and navigate to the Festive Anecdotes section to complete the quests. Here’s the location of Those Hard-to-Reach Places, after speaking with Aramis.

How to Clear the Piles of Floral Debris Off the Rooftop

  • Clean the debris off the rooftop (0/3)
  • Clean more debris off the rooftop (0/4)
  • Get the mess off the city walls (0/3)
  • Search for the kitty

To start the quest, there are three “piles of floral debris” on the building’s rooftop on the southeast side of Mondstadt. Climb up there, and use any Anemo character to clear the piles of floral debris. You can pick any Anemo heroes for the job, such as Jean, Main Character, Venti, Sucrose, or Xiao, to name all the ones I can think of right now. Walk up to the pile of debris, and either hold your primary attack or use your Elemental Skill to clean up the mess.

How to Clear the Piles of Floral Debris Off the Rooftop - Hard to Reach Places Genshin Impact

It’s not over yet. You’ll need to rooftop jump over to a building on the opposite side of town and clean the debris up there, too. There’s four piles, and you’ll need to do exactly what you did on the first part.

Next, climb up the castle walls and clean the debris up there. There’s three piles, all fairly close together, so you might be able to knock two out in one go.

Finally, you’ll need to search for a missing kitty. It’s actually up on the castle wall, somehow. Make your way east a bit, and you should find it with no problems. After that, you can report to Aramis to finish off the quest. You’ll get 2 Hero’s Wits and 20 Primogems for your troubles.