Another weekend, another BitLife challenge. In this week’s challenge, players will have to live the life of Elizabeth Gilbert, from the memoir Eat, Pray, Love. You’ll need to do a bit of traveling for this one, so get ready. As always, we’re here to walk you through the requirements each step of the way. Here’s how to complete the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife.

Develop an appetite for life, love, and the pursuit of good food as you travel the world in this challenge.

How to Complete the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife

  • Be born in the United States
  • Become a famous author
  • Get divorced
  • Experience Mediterranean food in Italy
  • Achieve inner peace in India
  • Find love in Indonesia

To begin this challenge, you’ll want to start a new life and choose the United States are your birthplace. The next requirement on the list is to become a famous author, which isn’t too tricky. Start by doing well in school, studying a lot, and making sure your smarts are high. When you graduate high school, start applying to University and be sure to major in English so you can secure a writing job after graduation.

After finishing school, you can open up the jobs tab and start browsing. You’ll want to start with a low-level gig in the field, and a good choice is any writing position for a publisher. You should see these on the jobs list, but you can always restart your app to get a new list. Make sure to join social media at this point because the goal is to become famous. Work hard at your job, and post regularly on social media. You will slowly work your way up in your career and begin gaining fame after a while.

While you’re working on your career, you can find a relationship and get married. You will need to get a divorce whenever possible to knock out one of the requirements. Money should be flowing from your author job, so you can begin traveling to other countries. First up on the list is Italy, so head into the activities menu and emigrate to Italy. While you’re there, go on a Mediterranean diet.

Next, you’ll need to find inner peace in India. To achieve this, you can move to India and meditate. Once you do this, you should get credit for the achievement. Once you finish up in India, it’s on to the final location: Indonesia.

While you’re in Indonesia, you need to find a mate. You have a lot of options here, so proceed however you like, but your goal is to find love. Once you do that, you’ll have all the requirements in the bag, and complete the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife.