A new challenge is available in BitLife this weekend, which is the first of the New Year. For this challenge, you’ll need to do your best to act like a crazy ex. There are five different requirements to complete this, and we’ll show you how to do each of them. Here’s how to complete the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife.

“You’ll love this challenge. We promise. You’ll just love it. You promise you’ll love it forever, won’t you?”

How to Complete the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife

Here are the requirements to complete the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife:

  • Stalk 4+ exes
  • Violate restraining orders 4+ times
  • Kill an ex’s new lover
  • Arrange booty calls with 3+ exes
  • Marry an ex who had a restraining order put on you

To start things out, you’ll need to get a girlfriend or boyfriend, and then make them your ex. Age up your character and go into your Activities and Love tab. From there, tap on Date and find someone from the list. Go into the boyfriend or girlfriend tab, and tap on the Break-Up action. Congratulations, they are now your ex. 

Now, you can go into your Relationships tab and select the Exes option. You should see an option to Stalk them. Next, you’ll need to kill an ex’s new lover. To do this, you’ll have to wait until your ex is dating someone new. Then, you can go into the Crime tab and then Murder. Afterward, you can pick your ex’s new lover from the dropdown menu there. Make sure to check every year to see if it updates.

Next, you’ll have to violate a restraining order. To get a restraining order put on you by your ex, you need to continuously harass them and be mean. Go back into the Relationships tab, and select the Exes option to find these options. When they put a restraining order on you, you can then violate it by talking to them, sending them a gift, messaging them, or stalking them. 

Go back to the Relationships tab and tap on the Exes option again. To arrange a Booty call, you can tap the option to call them up. Under “pick your objective,” choose the Booty call option. As an added bonus, you can actually get your ex to like you again. Achieving this will help you complete the Crazy Ex Challenge’s final requirement, which is to marry an ex who had a restraining order put on you. 

You’ll need to complete a few of these steps multiple times, as you can see in the challenge requirements. Now you know how to do each step, though, so it should be easy. I hope this helps you complete the Crazy Ex Challenge in BitLife.