One of the early LenTalk requests from Professor Willow is to check out a bit of fruit in Florio Nature Park. It seems as though some sort of Pokemon is scorching them, and the professor wants to know who’s the culprit. It can be a tough one to figure out, so we’re here to walk you through it. Here’s how to complete Shockingly Well-Done in New Pokemon Snap.

The LenTask request reads, “Have you seen which Pokemon is scorching these fruits? I’d like you to try to catch the culprit in the act if you wouldn’t mind.”

How to Complete Shockingly Well-Done in New Pokemon Snap

To complete Shockingly Well-Done in New Pokemon Snap, you’ll want to load into the Florio Nature Park on the Park (Day) level. Near the beginning of the level, after you cross the first bridge, you’ll notice an Emolga flying at you. Emolga is actually the one who’s been zapping all the local fruit. 

When you’re coming up on the scorched fruit, which should be on your right, begin dropping seem Fluffruit by pressing the B button. You’ll want to drop some Fluffruit nearby the scorched fruit. Emolga should show up and show some interest in them. When it gets near the scorched fruit, get ready to take a photo. You want to wait for the moment when Emolga zaps the fluffruit. Snap a photo, and that’s your proof for Professor Mirror. Take a few shots if you want to make this four-star photo a high score. 

From there, you can go through to the end and finish up the level. Show your photo to Professor Mirror. Remember, you’re looking for the four-star photo with Emolga zapping the food. After the professor grades it, you should see a “request complete” notification on the top right of your screen.