One of the LenTalk requests from Rita asks us to get a nice picture of Taillow midflight. It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds because Taillow seems to be easily frightened, especially when you want to snap a nice photo. When you take the right steps, though, it’s a fairly straightforward request. Here’s how to complete Off to a Flying Startle in New Pokemon Snap.

The LenTalk request reads, “I tried to get a photo of Taillow midflight, but I guess I must’ve startled them! I wish I could’ve gotten a nicer shot!”

How to Complete Off to a Flying Startle in New Pokemon Snap

  1. Enter into Florio Nature Park (Day) on Research Level 3.
  2. Get to the part with the Bidoofs and the water to the right of the path.
  3. Be on the look on your right side for Taillows taking flight.
  4. Wait for the one Taillow to stop midflight for a nice picture.
  5. Snap your photo and show it to Professor Mirror.

For this LenTalk request, we’ll be loading up the Florio Nature Park (Day) on Research Level 3. If you already have your boost for the NEO-ONE, you can skip through the rest of the level until you get to the part with the Bidoof dam. 

There will be a few groups of Taillows, but we’re waiting for one flock in particular. Keep your eyes peeled to the right side of the path, aiming upward at the sky. You should see a few Taillow fly by, and one will stop midair briefly to give you a perfect opportunity to complete this request. Snap a few photos at this moment, and show your picture to Professor Mirror.

The picture you’re looking for is only a two-star, so don’t get confused and show the wrong one by accident, or you’ll have to go back and complete it all over again.