One of the LenTalk requests from Professor Mirror in New Pokemon Snap is to photograph a “munching Murkrow.” There are many Murkrows hanging around and flying throughout the Florio Nature Park at nighttime, but what’s the best way to finish this request? Well, we’re here to answer that for you. Here’s how to complete Munching Murkrow in New Pokemon Snap.

The LenTalk request reads, “In the comfort and safety of its own territory, even the wariest Pokemon will let its guard down to eat a tasty fluffruit.”

How to Complete Munching Murkrow in New Pokemon Snap

To complete Munching Murkrow in New Pokemon Snap, head to the Florio Nature Park and choose the Park (Night) level. Right near the beginning, about thirty seconds or so into the adventure, you’ll see a few Murkrow hanging out on your right side. Your best bet is to throw a Fluffruit right near their feet. Wait for one of them to get a whiff of the food and make its way over to it.

When the Murkrow comes over to the food and starts to sniff at it and take a bite, that’s your opportunity. Snap a couple of photos so you can choose the best one later. This is the area where Murkrow likes to eat. Finish up the run, and select the proper photograph to show to Professor Mirror. After the professor grades your photo, you should see a request complete notification on the top right of your screen. There you have it; that’s how to get a nice shot of a Murkrow eating some fluffruit in New Pokemon Snap.