Lantern Rite is underway in Genshin Impact, and lots of new quests are available as a result. All the small business owners in Teyvat see the Lantern Rite festival as an excellent opportunity to stir up some business. Not everyone’s business is popping, though, as is the case with Mr. Zhu and his inn. Luckily, Mr. Zhu has you for some help. Here’s how to complete Lantern Rite, Big Business in Genshin Impact.

Open up the events overview tab and check inside the Lantern Rite Tales section to find the ‘Lantern Rite, Big Business?’ quest. Ensure you have some Xiao Lantern materials on hand because you’ll need them at the start of this one. There are a few parts of this quest that can be confusing, especially the time-changing part. 

How to Complete ‘Lantern Rite, Big Business?’

Head to the Guili Plains and speak with Mr. Zhu, who will ask you to deliver the Xiao Lantern materials to Dummy. After giving him 2 Lantern Fiber and 2 Wick Material, Dummy will construct a couple of Xiao Lanterns. Next, you need to hang them up in front of the inn on both sides. After hanging them up, the next part of the quest is to meet Mr. Zhu the following afternoon (12 – 18).

If you’re having trouble meeting with Mr. Zhu, you probably haven’t gone to the next day. The quest explicitly says you need to go to the next day, so try fast-forwarding your clock an entire 24 hours to any time between 12 and 18. Mr. Zhu will ask you to send out a few invitations to the nearby locals, which is easy enough since they are all marked. You can report back to Mr. Zhu once again after it’s complete.

Next, you’ll have to cook up some Delicious Jewelry Soup, but you may not have the recipe or ingredients to do this on the spot. There’s a campfire to the left of Mr. Zhu, and you can activate it with any Pyro character. Open up the cooking menu to see if you have Jewelry Soup and the ingredients. You’ll need 2 Snapdragon, 2 Tofu, and a Lotus Head. You can pick up the Tofu from the Second Life store in Liyue, which you can see on the map here:

After making the Jewelry Soup, hand it over to Mr. Zhu to serve Jianqiu and Huachu. Next, you’ll need to escort them to a nearby location on some cliffs so they can release the Xiao Lantern. After escorting them, you can return to Mr. Zhu to complete the quest and claim your 30 Primogems, 20000 Mora, and 100 Festive Fever.