We’re still at the beginning of the Lantern Rite festival in Genshin Impact, and there are some new Lantern Rite Tales to check out. One of today’s quests is to help a miner named Iron Ingot in his quest to get a girl’s attention. Iron Ingot has come up with a plan to get Ziwei to hang out with him, but he’ll need some assistance finding a quiet scenic spot away from the pedestrians to release some Xiao Lanterns. Here’s how to complete Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei in Genshin Impact.

How to Complete Iron Ingot Meets Ziwei in Genshin Impact

Iron Ingot got a tip about two scenic locations outside of Liyue Harbor, perfect for releasing Xiao Lanterns. Your job is to go check them out and snap a picture of the Lantern Rite festival with your camera so you can show them to Iron Ingot.

The first spot is right next to Mt. Tiangheng, above the northwest road leading into Liyue Harbor. You’ll see the marker on a wooden bridge, along with a prompt saying, “find the first suitable viewing spot and take a picture.” The directions aren’t super clear, but basically, you need to stand on the marker, look toward the Lantern Rite festival, go into photo mode, and snap a picture. Gadgets do not work for this quest, so don’t bother equipping your Kamera.

The next spot is just north of Liyue Harbor, east of the nearest fast travel waypoint. Teleport to the area, and make your way up the cliffs to the marker. Once again, head into Photo Mode, and snap a picture of Liyue Harbor from the marker location. If you’ve done it correctly, your quest directions should change and tell you to meet up with Iron Ingot.

After taking both pictures, you may return to Iron Ingot to let him know you checked out the spots. At this point, Iron Ingot will ask you for one more favor. He heard it’s always best to bring food when you go to see someone, so he wants you to choose between Grilled Tiger Fish and Almond Tofu. I selected Almond Tofu since I had two on my bag, but the choice doesn’t matter.

Next, it’s time to go with Iron Ingot to meet Ziwei and try to be a good wingman (or woman). Despite Iron Ingot’s best intentions, Ziwei doesn’t seem very interested in releasing any Xiao Lanterns, as they are too bright and cloud her view of the starry sky. A likely story for an astronomer. There is one dialogue where you have the option to choose, “he found a very suitable spot for releasing a Xiao Lantern,” or “so if you’d like to release a lantern tonight, you can go together with him.” The decision here does not affect the outcome, so pick whatever you like. 

Even though Ziwei turns him down, Iron Ingot is optimistic about changing her mind someday, so all is good, and he appreciates your help. After the dialogue wraps up, you’ll get 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, and 100 Festive Fever.