One of the LenTalk requests from Professor Mirror is called Hard at Work in the Jungle. You’ll need to figure out why the Pikipek is always flying near the Toucannon’s nest. Like all requests in this game, you’ll need to do something special to get the right moment to occur so you can snap a picture. Here’s how to complete Hard at Work in the Jungle in New Pokemon Snap.

How to Complete Hard at Work in the Jungle in New Pokemon Snap

To complete Hard at Work in the Jungle LenTalk request from Professor Mirror, you’ll need to go to the Jungle (Day) level in Founja Jungle. Near the center of the level, when you ride past the Quagsires, you’ll come across a Pikipek. There’s some fruit underneath a tree with a hole in it. The fruit seems to have fallen out of Pikipek’s food storage, so you’ll need to help it out! Do a quick scan of the food and analyze the results. That’s your clue of where to look.

When you get to the tree with the hole in it, toss a fluffruit in there. A Pikipek should pop its head out (or fly in there) and pick up the fruit. The Pikipek will make its way out of the hole, grasping the fruit beneath it. That’s the moment you need to capture, so take a nice shot for Professor Mirror.

After you get your picture, you can also grab a nice picture of Toucannon after Pikipek pays a visit. Finally, you can finish out the level and show your photos to Professor Mirror. The photo you’re looking for should be a four-star shot of Pikipek. When the professor grades it, you should get credit for completing the Hard at Work in the Jungle request, which rewards a cool hat sticker photo effect!