One of the LenTalk requests from Rita for the Florio Nature Park is to snap a nice picture of Comfey. The problem is the Comfey always runs away from Rita, so it’s up to you to figure out how to make them friendlier! Luckily, this is relatively easy once you realize what Comfeys like. Here’s how to complete Don’t Be Scared in New Pokemon Snap.

The LenTalk request reads, “Comfey always run away from me… I wonder how I could get them to be my friends.”

How to Complete Don’t Be Scared in New Pokemon Snap

  1. Enter Florio Nature Park (Day) on Research Level 2 or higher.
  2. Skip to the flowery fields at the end of the level.
  3. Activate the Crystabloom to attract Comfey.
  4. Throw some Fluffruit, and wait for a Comfey to eat it.
  5. Snap a picture of Comfey after it eats a Fluffruit.

If there’s one thing Comfey likes, it’s Fluffruit. Start on the Florio Nature Park level on Research Level 2 or higher. You can boost yourself all the way to the end of the level until you get to the flower fields with all the Comfey. 

When you get to the flower fields, activate the first Crystabloom on your right with an Illumina Orb. That will attract two Comfey over to it. At this point, drop a few Fluffruit next to them. You’ll want to wait until they’ve completely finished eating.

After they eat a Fluffruit, they should do a bit of a dance of sorts, and that is your opportunity to snap a photo. After you take a few photos, you can exit out of the level. When selecting your photo for Professor Mirror, make sure you pick a four-star photo, as that is a requirement to complete Don’t Be Scared in New Pokemon Snap.