The Destiny 2 weekly reset is here, which means there is some new content for Guardians to explore. This week, we have access to a brand new story mission, which sets up the campaign story for future weeks. The Coup de Grace mission is now available, as many players were predicting. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Coup de Grace in Destiny 2.

To start the quest, speak with Uldren (or the Crow) at Tangled Shore, and go into the Cryptolith Lure upgrade section. Purchase Improved Seeker II so you can equip the Cryptolith with the proper combination to Hunt the Celebrant of Xivu Arath. You’ll need to be Rank 7 to purchase the item.

How to complete Coup de Grace in Destiny 2

After obtaining the Improved Seeker II and speaking with Spider to begin the Hunt, you can head to the new Coup de Grace waypoint on The Dreaming City and set the Cryptolith Lure. Deploy the lure, and you’ll need to engage the High Celebrant. You won’t be able to damage it until first eliminating the Revenant Knight and getting the Wrathful buff. The High Celebrant will retreat into the Ascendant Plane, which you can access by destroying the Taken Blight Orb that spawns. Refer to the bug section below if you are having trouble with this part.

Inside the Plane, you’ll need to locate the Tear, so continue along the path and follow the blood trail. Destroy the orb again to return to the Dreaming City. You’ll need to engage the High Celebrant once again and repeat the process in the Ascendant Plane. Continue tracking the boss until the Wrathborn Ogre spawns. Take it out and deploy the lure, at which point you’ll need to hop across a few invisible platforms toward the Ascendant Plane portal. 

The first invisible platform is found on the right side of the bridge. They continue spawning in a spiral formation up to the portal. Hop through the portal to progress to the next part.

Explore the Ascendant Plane and eliminate all the enemies on your way through. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the area where you’ll fight the High Celebrant. Remember to destroy the glowing green enemies to get the Wrathful buff so you can do damage to the boss. When the boss gets low enough, you can finally execute it and finish the quest. 

How to fix the Coup de Grace Bugs

As a side note, there appears to be a few bugs with the Coup de Grace quest in Destiny 2. When you deal too much damage to the boss, it becomes unfinishable. Do NOT try to melt the boss too quickly, or you may encounter a bug and have to restart.

There’s another bug with the Taken Blights, which are supposed to take you to the ascended realm. Attacking them with a primary ammo weapon can sometimes cause them to become immune. Try using a Shotgun if you’re having issues. The main problem is not dealing enough damage to the Taken Blights to have them transport you to the Plane.

There’s a good chance Bungie patches this rather promptly since it’s a pretty major bug preventing progress for some players. You can try restarting the mission through the Director if you are having any issues.

A low drop chance reward item is also available as a reward for this quest, but it’s not guaranteed. You can complete this quest once per character per week if you are really aiming to get The Fourth Mark.