One of the early game LenTalk requests from Professor Mirror is called Asleep on a Calm Night. There’s a Pokemon that’s out of sight for most of the day. It likes to sleep next to Torterra at night, so that’s when you’ll find it. Well, there are lots of Torterra’s on the Park level, which makes this one a bit of a challenge. Your eyes can’t be every at once, after all. Here’s how to complete Asleep on a Calm Night in New Pokemon Snap.

The LenTalk request reads, “There’s a Pokemon that’s nowhere to be seen most of the time, but at night, it sleeps beside Torterra. See if you can find it!”

How to Complete Asleep on a Calm Night in New Pokemon Snap

To complete Asleep on a Calm Night in New Pokemon Snap, you will need to go to Florio Nature Park on the Park (Night) level. About halfway through the level, you’ll see a bunch of sleeping Torterra to the left side of the path. Keep your eyes peeled over there. It’s across from the Bidoof dam that you can scan for analysis and near the Swanna.

You should see two sleeping Torterra on the left side of the path, with a sleeping Grookey and a Sylveon. It is likely the first time you’ve seen a Sylveon in the game, and it’s your key to completing this LenTalk request. Zoom in and snap a shot of the Sylveon. Take a couple if you like, and pick your best one to show to Professor Mirror at the end of your run. 

After turning in your Sylveon photo of choice to Professor Mirror, he should give you credit for the LenTalk request. With that complete, it’s time to move on to some of the other requests and challenges!