One of Professor Mirro’s requests for Florio Nature Park’s nighttime level is to capture Swanna taking flight on camera. It’s harder than it sounds, and the important thing is that you capture several Swanna in one photo. We’ll walk you through the process with this guide so you can easily finish the request. Here’s how to complete Art in Flight in New Pokemon Snap.

The LenTalk request reads, “Have you ever seen a flock of Swanna take flight? You should definitely try to get a photo of the stunning sight!”

How to Complete Art in Flight in New Pokemon Snap

  1. Load into Florio Nature Park (Night) on Research Level 3.
  2. When you first see the Swanna flying, take some pictures.
  3. Play music as you make your way near the water.
  4. Throw Illumina Orbs some of the Swanna while still playing music.
  5. Take a picture of a flock of Swanna as they begin to take off.

Start by loading into Florio Nature Park (Night) on Research Level 3 (it might work on Level 2, as well). A little bit into the level, pay attention to the sky, as you should see some Swanna flying around. Take a picture of them to trigger them to land in the water.

Now, pay attention to the water on your right. You should see some Swanna already in there, and soon the flying Swanna will also land there. At this point, you should be playing a melody and throwing Illumina Orbs at as many of them as possible while also snapping pictures. 

Capture a Flock of Swanna Taking Flight in New Pokemon Snap

When the Swanna lands in the water, it will prompt the others to get ready to take flight. You’ll want to capture at least two of them taking off in one photo. The request says to capture a flock of Swanna, so that’s what you’ll want to do for this one. That’s how you complete Art in Flight in New Pokemon Snap.