New Pokemon Snap has tons of LenTalk quests that come through from Professor Mirror and the team. They always want you to take some interesting photos of Pokemon doing peculiar things or in exciting scenarios. In one of the early LenTalk requests, you’ll need to grab a shot of a yawning Torterra. Here’s how to complete A Terrific Yawn in New Pokemon Snap.

The request reads, “I wonder what it looks like when Torterra yawns… Aren’t you curious to know, too?”

How to Complete A Terrific Yawn in New Pokemon Snap

To complete A Terrific Yawn, you’ll need to visit the Florio Nature Park (Night) level. You will need to find any of the sleeping Torterra, throw a Fluffruit at it to wake it up, and take a picture as it yawns. There are lots of sleeping Torterra all over the level, but there’s one spot in particular where a Torterra is sitting next to a sleeping Pichu and Grookey. I guess the two are making the Torterra tired because this is a perfect opportunity to snap a photo. 

How to Complete A Terrific Yawn in New Pokemon Snap - Yawning Torterra

The moment is approximately two minutes and twenty seconds into the level. Throw a Fluffruit at the sleeping Torterra to briefly wake it up. When it awakes, it will take a nice big giant yawn, and that’s your opportunity to take the photo. Now, you can throw a Fluffruit at any of the sleeping Torterra to get this one completed, but this is a good area since the surrounding Pokemon will increase the photo’s value.

There you have it. That’s how to complete A Terrific Yawn and snap a photograph of a yawning Torterra in New Pokemon Snap. I hope this helps. Good luck out there!