One thing you’re going to be doing a lot of in Valheim is chopping trees. From the beginning to the end, you will be chopping. At the start, you might notice that there are some trees that you can’t chop, specifically the Birch trees. When you try and chop those, it says they are “Too Hard”. Here is how to chop birch trees in Valheim.

How to Chop Birch Trees in Valheim

When confronted with the “Too Hard” message when chopping trees, the problem is simple. Your axe isn’t advanced enough. You are likely trying to shop a harder tree with a Stone or Flint axe, but you need a Bronze axe or higher. 

How to Make a Bronze Axe

Moving into the bronze age is going to take a bit of work. To make bronze, you will need both Copper and Tin Ore. Copper Ore can be found as large veins in the Black Forest biome. Tin is also found in the Black Forest biome around the river banks. You will need a pickaxe in order to mine ore.

Once you have the ore, you will need to smelt the ore into ingots. To smelt ore, you will need to construct two structures, a smelter and a charcoal kiln. A smelter will take coal as fuel and turn the ore into ingots for you. In order to have enough coal to create the ingots you need, you will need to generate the coal in the charcoal kiln.

Once you have your smelted copper and tin you can build a forge to combine them into bronze. From there, you can construct a Bronze Axe, which will require:

  • 4 Wood
  • 8 Bronze
  • 2 Leather Scraps

That’s it. Now that you have your bronze axe, you can chop those pesky birch and oak trees. Birch trees will supply you with Fine Wood, which will open up a ton of new weapons and structures that you can make.