I find it oddly heartwarming how PUBG has managed to maintain a consistent playerbase in spite of Fortnite pulling the rug out from under them all those years ago. Even if it’s not at the absolute height of the battle royale fad, it’s still moving and shaking in the world, and with that moving and shaking comes handy new quality of life features for the players. Here’s how to change your name in PUBG.

For a long time, you couldn’t change your nickname in the mobile version of PUBG. I’m not sure if it was for any particular reason, there simply wasn’t any means of changing it once you had set it. The good news is that was remedied with the beginning of season 12 back in April. You’re now free to change your nickname as much as your little heart desires… if you have a particular consumable item. That’s the bad news.

How to Change Your Name in PUBG

In order to change your nickname, you’ll need to procure a Rename Card, a consumable item that allows you to come up with a new nickname for yourself one time (and only once a day). Rename Cards can be obtained as rewards for levelling up your character, and the devs also gave out a bunch of them for free back when the feature was first implemented. If you check your inventory, you might find one sitting in the bottom that you didn’t even know about! If you missed out on that giveaway and your account’s too high-level to level up again quickly, then unfortunately you’re gonna have to shell out 180 UC to buy one from the in-game store. That’s approximately $5 USD, if you were wondering.

Once you have a Rename Card, all you gotta do is go to your inventory, tap the little crate icon on the right side, and tap the Rename Card, followed by the Use button. You’ll get a prompt to enter in your new nickname, and when you tap OK, it’ll be set. Just to reiterate, Rename Cards are one-a-pop and one-a-day, so don’t name yourself something you’ll regret in thirty minutes.