Tornadus is making a comeback to Pokémon GO this March with the Season of Legends event. You may need a bit of a refresher if you weren’t around last year to battle Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. A few things have changed, including mega evolutions and Pokémon. So if you want to control the winds themselves, here’s how to catch Tornadus in Pokémon GO.

Along with Landorus and Thundurus, the Forces of Nature trio of legendaries are the main focus of the new season, the Season of Legends. As we mentioned on the topic of Landorus, over the next few weeks, the Forces will be available in legendary raids, first in their Incarnate formes, then in their Therion formes. Unfortunately, at time of writing, it’s still Landorus’ turn, and we don’t know when, precisely, it’ll be Tornadus’ turn, but that doesn’t mean we can prepare for his raid ahead of time.

How to Catch Tornadus in Pokémon GO

As the force of wind, Tornadus is a pure Flying type. In fact, alongside Rookidee and Corvisquire, he’s one of the only pure Flying types in the entire national PokéDex, with most bird-like Pokémon being Normal/Flying.

As a pure Flying type, Tornadus is resistant to Fighting, Grass, Bug, and Ground, and weak against Ice, Rock, and Electric. As was the case with Landorus, a large-bodied Ice type like Galarian Darmanitan can be your best friend here, though the addition of Rock and Electric opens up some new options.

For Rock types, Rhyperior and Rampardos can double-up on Rock type moves, and have strong enough constitutions to resist most of Tornadus’ moves, although he is capable of using Grass Knot, which could pose a problem. An Electric type can mitigate this, with the best non-legendary choice being Electivire. If legendaries are on the table, you can’t go wrong with Zekrom, Zapdos, or Deoxys. For Deoxys in particular, you’ll want to go with its normal Forme, as it’s the only one that can double-up on Electric moves.

Successfully defeat Tornadus in a legendary raid, and he’ll appear in the wild for your catching pleasure.