Many aquatic Pokémon are inspired by the numerous forms of life that inhabit our own ocean. Remember, humanity has only fully mapped out around 5% of the Earth’s waters, so theoretically, there are enough monsters down there to stock an entire PokéDex by themselves. One such example is Skrelp, which is inspired by the leafy seadragon, a fish with a body capable of mimicking underwater foliage like seaweed. I’m not a fan of seaweed, personally, but if you are, then here’s how to catch Skrelp in Pokémon GO.

As part of the still-running Rivals’ Week event, both Skrelp and its rival Clauncher arrived in Pokémon GO as permanent additions to the PokéDex. As such, both Pokémon are now roaming the wild, and in greater numbers than they otherwise would be. As a Poison/Water type, Skrelp can be found near large bodies of water like ponds and the ocean, as well as industrial areas. As with any other wild Pokémon, a lure will also boost that spawn rate and attract them toward you, so combined with the boosted spawns from the event, you’ll definitely find a lot of Skrelps.

How to Catch Skrelp in Pokémon GO

If you don’t live near a body of water, there are a couple of other avenues you can check. For the remaining duration of Rivals’ Week, there is a special Field Research Task that you can accomplish by winning a single raid. If you accomplish that task, either a Skrelp or Clauncher will immediately appear in your vicinity. Though, if you’re completing raids anyway, it might be faster to just go looking for a Skrelp raid. Like the wild spawns, occurrences of Skrelp-headed raids are boosted until Rivals’ Week ends on Sunday, April 18th. Check your raid tab to see if any Skrelp raids are running nearby, because at least one more than likely is. Beat a Skrelp in a raid, and one’ll immediately pop up to great you for catching.