I remember back when Generation 5 of Pokémon was still deep under wraps, an image of one of the new starters leaked: a little big-nosed Grass type that the leaker swore was named “Smugleaf.” For once, it was the genuine article (name notwithstanding), but because it was a leak, everyone was fairly certain it was a fake. When it turned out to be true, a good chunk of the community took a victory lap for getting it right. It is in this way that Snivy could be considered to be a milestone Pokémon, which is why a shiny one is all the more coveted. Here’s how to catch a shiny Snivy in Pokémon GO.

Technically speaking, Snivy is readily available in the wild right now. As a pure Grass type, one can be found anywhere where there’s lots of vegetation growing, with the likelihood increasing on a bright, sunny day. It’s even possible for it to be shiny, but the odds of encountering a shiny Snivy in the wild unassisted (or any shiny Pokémon, really) are slim to none. This leads us to a spot of good news, bad news.

How to Catch Shiny Snivy in Pokémon GO

The bad news is that, at time of writing, there are no events going on that would make catching a shiny Snivy any easier. If you want one right this second, your only means of getting one would be to stalk the wilds with every possible extremity crossed while hoping the RNG god smiles down on you, or to trade someone for one.

The good news is that Pokémon GO’s next Community Day is right around the corner on April 11th, and as it so happens, the star of this community day is Snivy. While the Community Day event is running, spawn rates for Snivy will be boosted like crazy, and with boosted spawn rates come higher likelihoods of encountering a shiny. Obviously, there’s still going to be some RNG prayer required on your part, but hopefully a lot less. So if you’re in the market for a shiny Snivy, make sure your schedule is clear on April 11th.