The Sinnoh Celebration Challenge is underway, and trainers need to catch some specific Pokemon to get the rewards. In this guide, we’ll show you how to catch a Shadow Stunky in Pokemon GO. Shadow Stunky is one of nine Pokemon you’ll need to catch if you want to claim your free Stardust, Magnetic Lure, and Ultra Balls. Let’s get started.

The best chance to get specific Shadow Pokemon is by fighting Team Rocket members and leaders. There’s a little trick you can learn, and it has to do with the dialogue of each Team Rocket Grunt. If they say a specific line before the battle begins, you know what Pokemon they can have. 

How to catch a Shadow Stunky in Pokemon GO

To catch a Shadow Stunky in Pokemon GO, you’ll need to encounter a specific Team Rocket Grunt member. The best way to encounter these is by looking in the sky for a Team Rocket Balloon floating overhead. Tap on it to begin the encounter. The other method is by visiting a nearby PokeStop that’s been taken over by Team Rocket. Either way is valid and has the same result.

When you encounter the Team Rocket Grunt, you need to pay attention to their dialogue. If the Grunt says, “Where there is light, there is shadow,” it will likely have a Shadow Stunky encounter. So, you can avoid all other Team Rocket Grunts until you get to the appropriate one. 

If you are doing this for the Sinnoh Collection Challenge, you’ll likely also be looking for a Shadow Snover. We have a guide that shows you how to get that one if you want to check it out. Good luck, Trainers!