Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in human history. The first actual record of mead being consumed dates around 1700–1100 BCE, though certain clay pots that may have been used in mead fermentation have been found in the ruins of northern China, dating as far back as 7000 BCE. However old it is, it was one of the favorite drinks of the ancient Norsemen, and since Valheim is inspired by Norse mythology, it’s only right you should be able to make some for yourself. Here’s how to brew mead in Valheim.

Before we can even entertain the idea of making mead, we’re gonna need three vital ingredients. These ingredients are:

  1. Honey, the primary ingredient of mead, besides water.
  2. A cauldron to cook the stuff.
  3. A fermenter to brew it into alcoholic goodness.

To start, let’s get that honey. There are multiple mead recipes you can make, but all of them require honey. You can find honey from beehives in the wild, but that’s a bit of a lengthy and random process. If you can capture a queen bee from a beehive in the wild, you can take it home and craft it together with some wood to make your own beehive. Wait a little while, and it’ll be full of bees ready to supply all the honey you could want.

How to Brew Mead in Valheim

Next, the equipment. You can’t make mead base at a crafting table, because that’d just be silly, so you need a cauldron. This is an easy one; just use a smelter to melt down some tin bars, and you can craft a cauldron with those. Along with the cauldron, you’ll need a fermenter to age your mead base into a proper drink. Combine copper and tin to make bronze, then use that bronze to craft a fermenter.

Alright, it’s mead time! Interact with your cauldron to get a list of drink recipes. Incidentally, besides mead, you can also use this thing to make potions. Anyway, add the honey and whatever else the mead recipe calls for, then brew it up to make the mead base. Place that base in the fermenter and go make a sandwich or something, ‘cause it’s gonna take a little while. When the mead is ready, pour yourself a tankard and enjoy. Just remember that mead is alcoholic, so drinking too much could mess with you.