Call me someone who judges books by their covers, but Sierra doesn’t really look like a Team Rocket Admin to me. She looks more like… a Team Galactic Admin. Team Plasma, maybe, with her little lightning bolt motif. But I guess when you’re a powerful trainer you can wear whatever you want and nobody can tell you different. Here’s how to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO for May 2021.

Like Arlo and Cliff, Sierra has a designated partner Pokémon that she’ll always throw out first, followed by two rounds of one of three random Pokémon. The members of Sierra’s team are:

  • Phase 1: Carvanha
  • Phase 2: Hippowdon, Porygon-Z, or Mismagius
  • Phase 3: Houndoom, Flygon, or Walrein

How to Beat Sierra in Pokémon GO (May 2021)

Starting with Carvanah, a Water/Dark type, you’ll probably want to employ either a strong Electric type or a strong Fighting type, as both of these could potentially pull double duty against other members of Sierra’s team. Machamp or Therian Thundurus will do the job just fine.

For phase 2, Hippowdon is a pure Ground type, so you’ll want Grass, Water, or Ice. Roserade, Mamoswine, or Kingler are all solid choices against this one. Porygon-Z is a pure Normal type, only weak to Fighting types, so if you picked Machamp for phase 1, this is where it’ll shine. Finally, Mismagius is a pure Ghost type, so you’ll need either another Ghost or a Dark type. This is tricky, as there are no other Pokémon in Sierra’s squad with this weakness profile, so if you pick a counter for Mismagius like Gengar or Absol, you’re gonna need to commit to it.

For phase 3, we’ve first got Houndoom, a Dark/Fire-type. If your Machamp’s still got some steam left, you can use it here, though you can also try the Water-type you used for Hippowdon if applicable. If you packed an Ice-type for Hippowdon, then good news, you can use it again against Flygon, a Ground/Dragon-type. This may actually be a better choice, as it’s only weak to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy moves. Finally, Walrein is an Ice/Water-type with an almost identical weakness profile Carvanah. If the Fighting or Electric-type you used for Carvanah still has some fight left in them, they can bring it on here, though if you brought a Grass-type for Hippowdon, that’ll work too.