While not as sturdy as a Metagross or as zippy and annoying as a Beldum, a Metang can still be quite the threat when encountered in a Pokémon GO raid. Even if it has yet to reach its full, terrifying potential, it’s still a massive floating lump of psychokinetic steel. I don’t know about you, but I’m not into approaching a massive floating lump of psychokinetic steel without a solid plan. Here’s how to beat a Metang in Pokémon GO.

Just like the rest of its evolutionary line, Metang is a hybrid Steel/Psychic type. As a Steel/Psychic type, Metang’s resistances break down like this:

  • Resists: Dragon, Ice, Normal, Grass, Steel, Rock, Flying, Fairy, Psychic, Poison
  • Weak against: Fire, Dark, Ground, Ghost

The Metagross line are such dangerous Pokémon because their unique typing covers a large portion of weaknesses that would exist in pure Steel or Psychic types, leaving a scant few, somewhat esoteric, weaknesses behind.

How to Beat a Metang in Pokémon GO

To beat a Metang, you need a Pokémon that can best exploit its typing weaknesses while also dealing enough flat damage to pierce its metal hide. As such, the best Pokémon for the job is undoubtedly Chandelure. Chandelure is well-regarded as a DPS powerhouse, and its Ghost/Fire typing makes it a double-threat counter that was born to battle Metang and its like. If you go for Incinerate as its quick move and Shadow Ball as its charge move, you can pepper it from both sides with Super Effective damage.

If Chandelure is off the table, Gengar would also work with doubled-up Ghost type moves. If you don’t mind playing the long game, a Zen Darmanitan would also do the trick. What it loses in attack power, it gains in defense from Metang’s Psychic moves, thanks to its dual Fire/Psychic typing. If you’re lucky enough to have it, Yveltal can also work with doubled-up Dark type moves, though admittedly, pulling out a Legendary for a Metang seems a smidge overkill. However you go about doing it, you should be able to deal with a Metang without too many casualties. Best to deal with it now before it becomes a Metagross and becomes really scary.