How to Access the Pre-Order Items in Nioh 2

Nioh 2, the follow-up to the successful Nioh is now available to play. Like most games nowadays there are a number of pre-order bonuses for players that picked up the game early to collect. These pre-order bonuses include things like armor sets, charms, and themes (on console). To help you get at all of these items use our how to access the pre-order items in Nioh 2 guide below.

Where to Find Nioh 2 Pre-Order Items in Game

Image showing where to find the Boons option in Nioh 2.

Players of all types will receive a number of bonuses for pre-ordering Nioh 2. These bonuses come in the form of in-game content that can be accessed through Shrines. The first Shrine you can access is via the Starting Point on the map. Once you’ve selected the Shrine cycle through the options until your reach Boons. Select Boons to claim your DLC items:

Here are the Pre-order items available to players:

  • Demon Horde Armor set.
  • Sudama Netsuke Charm.
  • Demon Horde Weapon Set (Deluxe Edition).
  • Kodama Netsuke Charm (Deluxe Edition).

Upon selection of the Boons option you will receive all of your DLC items. Once claimed you can go into your Hut to put on your new DLC gear items.

Where to Find Nioh 2 PlayStation Themes and Avatars

Image showing where to find the Nioh 2 Themes on PlayStation 4.

Players that picked up Nioh 2 on PlayStation received a few themes and Avatars with their purchase. These themes and Avatars are as follows:

  • Original Theme.
  • Deluxe Theme.
  • Avatars: collection of 6 avatars of various characters.

To access the Themes and Avatars listed above, ensure you’ve downloaded each item onto your console then access the RESPECTIVE Profile and Theme menus on your PlayStation.

  • Avatar: Profile > … > Avatar.
  • Themes: Settings > Themes > Select Theme.

Under each of the above menus you will find the pre-order themes and avatars you are owed. Again make sure you’ve downloaded each one or they will not appear.

That’s all you need to know to find your Nioh 2 pre-order items. Let me know what you think of these bonuses in the comments below. Thanks for reading and good luck.

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