How to Access Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC

The second piece of DLC content is now available for Metro Exodus. This new story is title Sam’s Story and it follows Sam, a soldier of the Spartan Order as he makes his way from the Aurora back to his home of the USA. To learn how to access Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC, continue reading below.

Download Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC From Store

Image showing the Sam's Story DLC store page on PlayStation.

To start you will need to download the DLC from the storefront you purchased Metro Exodus on. If you own the Season Pass you will receive the content for free. Regardless, make sure you’ve downloaded the 6.8 GB DLC before you advance. If you don’t the rest of the guide is pointless to you.

Access Sam’s Story DLC Chapter from Start Menu

Image showing where to find Sam's Story on the Start menu of Metro Exodus.

Once you have the Metro Exodus Sam’s Story DLC installed, start Metro Exodus. ON the start screen make your way to the Chapters option. Interact with Chapters to open a list. On this list you will see a new option for DLC. Under it is the The Sam’s Story chapter. Select it and enjoy!

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