Image via San Diego Studio / Sony Interactive Entertainment / MLB Advanced Media

With baseball season kicking off, many fans are gearing up for the exciting launch of MLB The Show 21. This year’s variation of the game has been met with tremendous optimism, as this marks the first time that the game will be made available on Xbox’s Game Pass. Depending on the version of the game you purchased (or were given access to), you may already have access to the game. 

For example, if you bought the Jackie Robinson Edition, you should be able to play it already, as players have had early access since April 16th @ midnight (EST). Although, if you’re getting the standard version or waiting for the game to be available on Xbox Game Pass, there’s going to be a bit of a wait (April 20th at midnight EST). However, no matter the version, an important consideration is the file size for the game, leaving many baseball heads wondering how many GB MLB The show will take up on the hard drive.

How Many GB is MLB The Show 21

Most sports titles are a reasonable size and generally do not take up a ton of storage space. The average sports game sits somewhere around 50 GB (at the most). However, MLB The Show 21 is a big game, with the file size clocking in at a whopping 72.42 GB!

The game’s size may be especially problematic for many next-gen users, as all next-gen consoles only have 1TB of memory space by default. In this case, you may have to delete a few games or look to purchase an external storage device to install MLB The Show 21. 

Regardless, if you’re an avid sports gamer, this massive file size likely comes as a surprise to you and leaves you wondering if you’ll be able to make room for the game. While you may have to shuffle a few things around to make space, the game size should give us a sign as to how much exciting change has come to this year’s version of MLB The Show.