Isn’t fermentation fun? It’s like a science experiment, except if you do it wrong and eat it, it could kill you! Really, any good scientific experiment should have that precise risk. Fermentation is what allows certain foodstuffs to achieve their ideal forms, like beer! And… well, mostly beer, but what else do you need? Well, you need one thing: patience. So, exactly how long does it take to ferment items in Valheim?

To ferment stuff, you of course need a fermenter, the construction of which requires the kiln, smelter and forge crafting upgrades, followed by these ingredients:

  • 30 Fine Wood, 
  • 5 Bronze 
  • 10 Resin

If you’re looking to make mead, you’ll also need a cauldron to craft the various mead bases, but you can build one of those with your regular crafting hammer. 

How Long Does it Take to Ferment Items in Valheim?

After you’ve brewed up your mead base in the cauldron, you can drop it in the fermenter, at which point it’s time to play the waiting game. Now, I’m no biochemist, so I don’t know precisely how long it takes for an alcoholic drink’s component parts to age into a drinkable beverage, but the nice thing about old-school mead was that it wasn’t especially complicated.

Once you’ve deposited your base into the fermenter, you’ll need to wait two in-game days for it to completely ferment into drinkable mead. That’s two full in-game day and night cycles. In real-time, that’s about an hour, so feel free to set it, forget it, and go do something else for a bit while you wait. Whenever the fermenter is done, you can check its contents to receive your alcoholic prize. One batch of mead base will produce 6 servings of mead, plenty for one person, and just enough for a drinking party.