Are you wondering how the Destiny 2 transmog system works? Bungie is taking some serious flack for the new Transmog system coming next season. What should have been a simple quality of life improvement has been monetized to kingdom come, so let’s talk about just how complicated the new cosmetic addition is. 

How Does Destiny 2’s Transmog System Work?

There are three different materials involved in the process of turning your armor into universal ornaments in Destiny 2

  • Synthstrand. 
  • Synthcord. 
  • Synthweave. 

Defeating enemies causes them to drop Synthstrand. Once you have 150 of Synthstrand, you turn them in to Ada in the Tower for a bounty. Completing this bounty awards Synthcord. You then convert this Synthcord into Synthweave at the Loom in the Tower. With that Synthweave, you can select one armor piece in your collections to turn into an ornament. 

Yeah, that’s a whole lot of steps. The entire process is needlessly complicated, but there’s a reason for that. You’re limited to 10 Synthweave per class per season, except for Season 14, in which you can earn 20 per class. However, you also have the option of buying five Synthweave from Eververse for 1000 Silver, or $10. 

The entire process is complicated because of the ability to buy the weave rather than spending hours grinding to earn it. Some players might consider this behavior shameless from Bungie. We’re going to have to wait and see just how bad that grind is, but for now, that’s everything that we know.