Hitman 3‘s Berlin level is a giant underground rave, and there’s a variety of disguises and hidden objects lying around. There are fifteen items to discover, and one of the first challenges is to find a juice bar ticket to complete The Golden Ticket. Here’s where to find the juice bar ticket in Berlin in Hitman 3.

Where to find the juice bar ticket

You can start with your default loadout, but select the club entrance starting location. Head through the pat-down area, proceed to your left, and then down the hall with the fluorescent cube installments. Make a right at the end of the hall, and you should see an outdoor bar. Walk up the small set of stairs, past the juice bar, and hop through the window into the locker room area. 

There is a juice bar bartender disguise on the end locker. Put that on, and then exit to your left and go back to the bar. You will find a staff locker key behind the bar next to the cutting board. Pick that up, and then you can make your way back to the locker area.

Hitman 3: Where to find the Juice Bar Ticket in Berlin - Juice Bar Locker Key

Now that you have the key, you can open up the first locked locker. Inside, you’ll find the juice bar ticket. Pick that ticket up, and you should complete The Golden Ticket discovery challenge. Double-check that the prompt came up, showing that you completed the challenge.

Now that you’re all set to be a bartender, you can proceed to the next challenge relatively quickly. Continue to our guide on how to complete the Juiced Up challenge in Berlin in Hitman 3.