Hitman 3‘s first new level, Dubai, has 22 discovery challenges to complete. To complete Rotor Ready, you will need to obtain a helicopter key to the building’s private helicopter. Luckily, finding it isn’t too difficult as long as you know which route to take. Here’s where to find the helicopter key in Dubai in Hitman 3

Finding the key completes the Rotor Ready challenge. It also leads you to the area where you can get the helicopter pilot disguise, for the Chameleon and the Rotor Man challenges.

Hitman 3: Where to find the helicopter key in Dubai

The helicopter key is outside on the catwalk beneath the helicopter pad. You can get here a few different ways, but perhaps the quickest is by starting in the atrium. It will help if you have an elite guard outfit beforehand for this route.

Start in at the main lobby starting point, and head up the stairs. Take a right and continue up the stairs. On your right side, you’ll see two guards in front of some red rope. As long as you have your guard uniform on, you can walk right past them. Walk up the steps and then left up the other flight of stairs. There are two elite guards up here. Walk past them and turn right. You will see some ivy on the wall that you can climb up.

Climb up the red ivy and then climb up over the railing. Make a left down the hall, and you can walk outside. The helicopter and helipad are out the sliding doors to your right. Feel free to take out the pilot here if you need to equip his outfit for Rotor Man.

Walk around the helicopter’s right side, and hop down over the left. There’s a letter to the right of the two guards (enforcers). Carefully slide down the ladder, and you will find the key a few feet from you on the ground. Pick it up, and you should see the Rotor Ready challenge pop up.

That’s where to find the helicopter key in Dubai and complete the Rotor Ready discovery challenge in Hitman 3.