Hitman 3‘s Berlin level has a lot of interesting assassination challenges. You may have noticed the giant crane along the left side of the map. Inserting a fuse cell activates the crane and allows you to complete the Crane Trauma challenge. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Fuse Cell in Berlin in Hitman 3.

You can start at the club entrance for this challenge on casual mode, with no additional equipment or anything special.

Where to find the Fuse Cell in Berlin in Hitman 3

Start at the club entrance, and turn around to go outside. Cut through the long line of people waiting to get in and proceed around the left side of the white van. You’ll see two guards in front of you, but you can go around the right side and hop over the wall to get through.

Go back to the left side around the graffiti wall toward the pile of metal beams to your left—Crouch behind the red beam to avoid being spotted. You can pick up the crowbar on your way because you never know when you might need it.

Next, you want to head to your right once you pass the two guards. You will see a couple of cars and a grey shipping container. Behind the shipping container, there’s a dumpster with the fuel cell inside. Grab the fuel cell, and then double back where you came from toward the big yellow crane.

Insert the fuel cell at the base of the crane, and then climb up the ladder. You may need to wait for the agent to patrol away to avoid being spotted when you climb up, depending on your difficulty. When you make it to the top, you can begin operating the crane. Pay attention to your minimap, so you know when to release it. Wait until the agent starts patrolling to the right and then drop it immediately. It should land on his head and then complete the Crane Trauma challenge!