The Steep Task assassination challenge in Dubai is to eliminate Carl Ingram by pushing, dumping, or pulling him over a ledge or railing. There are many ways to achieve this, but we opt for the quickest solution to knock challenges out as fast as possible. Here’s how to complete the Steep Task assassination challenge in Dubai in Hitman 3.

We’ll be starting in the art installation area as one of the crew members for this challenge. It’s by far the most convenient starting spot for this particular challenge since you spawn directly underneath Carl Ingram and he’s already in position leaning on a railing. We’ll also be using the casual difficulty mode to make this easy.

Hitman 3: How to complete Steep Task in Dubai

Load into the game, starting at the art installation area of the Burj Al-Ghazali. When you spawn in, stop blending in and exit through the door behind you. Head left to the end of the hallway, and make your way up the metal staircase to your left. Stick to your left, and you will get to an area where you can vault up to the next floor.

Wait until the guard patrols to the far wall, and then vault up and take him out. Drag his body into the locker in the storage room directly in front of you. Take the elite guard’s disguise, so nobody is suspicious of you, and head back out into the hallway. Carl’s guard should be patrolling toward you at this point. Sit in the corner, and throw a coin near where you eliminated the guard.

When Carl’s guard goes to check on the coin, make your way over to Carl, who should be leaning on the railing. Face your camera opposite of Carl, toward the elite guard speaking on his phone. When the guard turns away, now’s your chance to push Carl over the edge. A prompt for the Steep Task assassination challenge should pop up for you. Now you can walk away as nothing happened.

How to complete Steep Task in Dubai - Push Carl

That’s a quick and easy way to complete the Steep Task assassination challenge in Dubai in Hitman 3.