The Berlin nightclub is one of the most detailed levels in the new Hitman 3 game, and there are twelve feats to complete. With so many targets to choose from, there are dozens of different ways to eliminate them. For this challenge, we’re going to change the pace and serve up some juice cocktails. Here’s how to complete Juiced Up in Berlin in Hitman 3

For this challenge, you need to procure The Golden Ticket and a juice bar disguise. Once you have that, you’ll need to man the juice bar for a bit and serve some juice to Agent Swan. Don’t ask why this ICA agent accepts a drink from a masked bartender when a hitman roams around somewhere nearby.

Hitman 3: How to complete Juiced Up in Berlin

You can start in the nightclub entrance area and pass the pat-down area. I’m going to assume you already have the Golden Ticket and your juice bar disguise. If not, follow our guide on how to get The Golden Ticket in Berlin. Facing the lockers where you got the juice bar ticket, take a left and head outside. You should see the juice bar in the distance. 

We’re going to walk around the right side of the juice bar and come in a back way. Head around the right side, and you should see some guards blocking your path. Go up to them and show you the juice bar ticket credentials. The man will say your card looks good and ask you to follow him to the juice bar.

Walk inside the bus to the juicing station, and pick up the bag of sugar and banana. Face the serving area and hit your interact key to start serving juice. Wait for Agent Swan to walk near you, and then look at him and serve some up. After he takes a sip, you should get the prompt saying you completed the Juiced Up fear in Berlin.

It’s that simple! Doing this is also a good opportunity to poison Agent Swan, if you are the appropriate mastery level to have poison.