Hitman 3 is full of hundreds of challenges, and some of them have Agent 47 doing some strange things. Take the Coconut Ball Surprise, for instance, where you’ll need to knock someone out with a coconut. It’s similar to the Cashing Out challenge in Dubai in the sense that you need to knock out one of the main targets with a random object. Anyway, here’s how to complete the Coconut Ball Surprise challenge in Berlin in Hitman 3

There’s a string of challenges you can complete in a row to save a lot of time. We recommend completing The Golden Ticket, followed by Juiced Up, and then doing this one. You’ll need to get to the area behind the juice bar to grab a coconut, so this makes it easy. 

Hitman 3: How to complete Coconut Ball Surprise in Berlin

The Coconut Ball Surprise feat is a challenge to complete in Berlin. You will want to probably grab yourself a juice bar disguise to get to the location with the coconut. 

Where to find the Coconut in Berlin

The coconut is located directly behind the juice bar bus area, next to the box of bananas and baskets of melons and pineapples. Pick up the coconut, and keep it handy. You’ll need it for when you find the target.

Who’s the target?

The person you’re looking for is known as the Florida Man. There are multiple ways to complete this challenge, but we’re going to show you the quickest one. You are likely supposed to lure the Florida Man to a secluded area using the drug dealer’s disguise and do the deed there. We’re going to opt to do it in the open to knock this challenge out quickly.

The target is tough to spot, but you want to use your hitman sense to find the proper silhouette. You’re looking for a man with some zebra-stripe pants and a black tank top. It seems like he took some of the good stuff, too, because he is always dancing. He roams around the entire dance floor area of the club, and it might take you a bit to spot him. Once you find him, pull out your coconut and throw it at his head. You need to pacify him with the coconut to complete this one.

Florida Man Hitman 3 Berlin

Once that’s done, a prompt should pop up saying you completed the Coconut Ball Surprise redacted challenge in Berlin.