Hackers can do some pretty cool things, like make it rain gold bars from a vending machine. That’s exactly what Agent 47 needs to accomplish to complete the Cashing Out challenge in Dubai in Hitman 3. You’re also going to have to use one of those Gold Bars to pacify the Sheikh. Here’s how to complete this Dubai feat as quickly as possible.

We recommend following our Hitman 3 Dubai Cashing Out video guide below for a quick route.

Hitman 3: How to complete Cashing Out in Dubai

Agent 47 will need access to the server room for this feat, and you can follow our Hitman 3 Dubai “On Top of The World” Silent Assassin guide. To make a long story short, you will need access to the third-floor server room. You can get the key from one of the janitor looking gentleman at the end of the long hall opposite the server room.

Once you get the server room security key, walk into the server room and swipe the card. The four servers will begin blinking, and one of them will be yellow. Walk over to the yellow server and sabotage it. Now, you should have access to the computer terminal and see four options. Choose the option that says Deposit Emergency Funds. The vending machine in the atrium lobby (starting point) will begin spitting out gold bars.

Hitman 3: How to Complete Cashing Out in Dubai Server Room

Head back down to the atrium lobby where you loaded into the level, and pick up as many gold bars as you want. Technically, you only need one to do this job.

Hitman 3: How to Complete Cashing Out in Dubai Gold Bars

Now you can head to the bars upstairs and look for the Sheik. He is wearing black clothing with gold trim, and he patrols around the bars talking with various high-profile people.

If you want to complete this stealthily, you will need to wait up to fifteen minutes for him to finish speaking with everyone. He will then head upstairs to the guest room and take a nap, at which point his guards will leave the room. You can throw a gold bar at his face when he’s sleeping to knock him out. However, if you just want to knock this challenge out as fast as possible, you can probably just chuck the gold at his head at the bar. He probably had it coming, anyway.