Hitman 3 missions contain dozens of different achievements, as you can complete each task in various ways. For this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Dubai mission, On Top Of The World, and get the Silent Assassin challenge. You need to eliminate Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant while meeting a few requirements for this challenge, and we can show you how to do it in under ten minutes. Let’s get started.

For the Silent Assassin challenge, you need to complete “On Top Of The World” with the following requirements:

  • Only kill the targets.
  • No bodies found.
  • Do not get compromised.
  • If cameras detect you, erase or destroy the evidence.
Hitman 3: Dubai

We’re also going through the mission in only our suit, which means no disguises – all in under ten minutes. You don’t need any special equipment, meaning you can use default everything. The only thing you’ll be using is three coins, the silenced pistol, and a hammer that you pick up inside a room.

Hitman 3: Dubai “On Top Of The World” Silent Assassin Suit Only Guide

Starting in the Atrium Lobby, run up the left set of stairs and turn around. Head to the Staff door that is locked with a keycode. The code is 4706, which Grey will tell you when you interact with it. Open the door, and make your way down the hall. Turn on the vacuum cleaner to get the staff’s attention. Hide behind the boxes, and subdue the staff member as she turns off the vacuum. Hide the body in the locker to the right.

Turn the corner and run alongside the wall, ignoring the staff worker who’s on the phone. There are two guards at the end of the hall. Get close, and toss your coin to the right of them. Run to the room on the left when they get distracted. From inside the room, you can pull out your camera and scan the window.

Grey opens the window, and you can wait a few seconds until the lady and the guard leave the room and then climb out. Scale the building to the right, reach for the other left, and then climb up the tower. There’s another window up top, which you can scan again for Grey to open. Climb inside the window, and pull out your pistol to take out the camera in the hall.

Wait for the guard in the hallway to patrol away, and go inside the second door on your left. Pick up the hammer and take out the cleaning crew worker. Hide his body, and then go inside the server room and run through the other door. There’s another cleaning crew member on their phone, who you can run past. At the end of the hall, there’s a worker you need to take out. Hide their body in the locker, and make sure to pick up their server room key card.

Go back to the server room, and then use the keycard to activate it. Look for the only yellow monitor, and walk over to it and sabotage the server. You can then interact with the main terminal and choose to re-arrange meetings and disable cameras. Head back to the room where you grabbed the hammer. Open the door and throw a coin on the ground to bait the guard inside. Take him out and hide his body. 

Exit the room to the hallway and take a left. There’s a special guard who will take a phone call, and you’ll have to take him out. Pick up his penthouse keycard, and then hide his body inside the room he’s guarding. You’ll see a sleeping guard in the room, but he’s really out cold, so don’t worry about waking him up.

Go back down the hallway, near the window you jumped through, and you’ll see a door on your left. Use the keycard in that Penthouse Staff door, and make your way upstairs. Open the next door, and be careful of the enforcer if he’s there. Go inside the room on your left, and wait until Grey speak. You are basically waiting for the guards to leave the room on the opposite side of the wall so that the meeting can begin with your two targets. 

When Grey speaks, you can dispose of the worker inside the room you’re in and hide the body. Next, open the door you just came in from, and quickly toss it on the ground while the door is still open. The guard should come in, and then you can take him out and hide his body, as well. Now, make sure to pick up your coin, and then you can head outside the door.

Make your way toward the meeting room and stop in the doorway. Ingram will be looking toward the door, but you can toss your final coin on the far side of the room to distract him. When you do that, make your way to the left and hide behind the bar. There’s a button to activate the secure room there. Wait until the two targets sit down, and then push the button. When the marks stand up, take them both out. Pick up your coin and hide the two bodies near the box by the window.

Now, you can open up the door on the left of the room to make your exit. Wait a few seconds for the guard to patrol, and when he is next to the cleaning lady, toss your coin to distract him away from the right wall. Crouch and walk along the right wall, and exit through the door. Take out the worker in this room, so he doesn’t spot you, and make your way to the end of the room.

You can exit through the door on your left. Hang a right and make your way to the exit, staying outside of the guard’s vision. Look out for the window cleaner, as he can also spot you and ruin the whole run. Crouching through the doorway should get you out fine, though.