There are many challenges to complete in the first level of Hitman 3. For one of these, you’ll need to take a picture of Omar Al-Ghazali while he’s sleeping. It can be a drawn-out process, but we have a good route you can take to procure an elite guard disguise quickly. Here’s how to complete the Nightcrawler challenge in Dubai in Hitman 3.

Follow our video guide below to see how to get a free guard uniform, and then the best route for an elite guard outfit.

How to complete the Nightcrawler challenge on Dubai in Hitman 3

You can start with the default Agent 47 loadout in Dubai’s atrium lobby, as no extra items are required. From there, make your way up the steps and take a left. Continue along the path until you get to the Black Gold bar. You can pick up a free guard uniform from the area behind the bar. Watch out for the waiters, as they can spot you trespassing.

Once you have the uniform, exit the area and go to the east side of the building. We’ll be going to the tech crew area to get an elite guard uniform. Near the tech area’s crowbar location, you can hop over the wall and climb up to the third floor. There should be an elite guard there with his back toward you. Take him out, and drag his body into the nearby room. There’s a janitor in there with his back to you, but don’t mind him. Stash the body in a locker and take the elite guard disguise.

Next, go back to the atrium to the bar areas. It’s time to look for Omar Al-Ghazali, and he tends to patrol the location, speaking with a few high-profile people. When you spot him in his black clothing with gold trim, stay on his tail. Eventually, he will grab a drink and say he needs to take a nap upstairs. Follow him up there closely, and wait until he resides in the guest room. It may take between ten to twenty minutes for this to happen, and it depends on his route.

When Omar falls asleep, pull out your camera and snap a picture. Try to get close to him to get credit. After he wakes up, a prompt should pop up saying you completed the Nightcrawler challenge. As a word of caution, he only stays asleep for a few seconds, so act quickly! You can also get a gold bar before doing this quest, so you can knock out the Cashing Out challenge simultaneously.