The second story mission in Hitman 3 brings you to Dartmoor, England, where you’ll have to eliminate Alexa Carlisle and find a missing case file. There are several ways to go about this mission, but we’ll show you a quick one that will also get you the Silent Assassin and the Suit Only challenges. Here’s how to complete Hitman 3 Dartmoor “Death in the Family” mission.

You do not need any special equipment from the planning screen, so using everything default is perfectly fine here. One thing to keep in mind is that the code for the safe is 1975. We’ll be using a lot of the silenced pistol and potentially all three of our coins.

Hitman 3: Dartmoor – Death in the Family Suit Only + Silent Assassin Guide

Starting outside on the dirt road, begin by running toward the mansion. Hop over the wall, past where the PI named Phineas Witmer arrives for his meeting with madam Carlisle. Cross the shallow part of the stream, and hop up into the garden. Stay crouched, and proceed to the side of the house. Walk around to the left side of the house and wait for the security guard to turn his back. When he does, you can hop inside the open window.

While crouching, make your way to the left and up the two flights of stairs. On the top of the staircase, there’s a door to the left. Quickly crouch-walk over to it and go outside before the security guard or maid spots you.

Hop over the wall, and hang from the ledge. Make your way to the left, and then climb up to scale the wall. Move under the window, and climb up the metal pipe. Climb to the right, and then begin scaling the wall again. There’s an open window up here that you can climb inside.

By this point, Alexa Carlisle should be making her way up the stairs to your left. She will walk directly under the second chandelier that is in front of you. As soon as she steps under it, shoot the rope to make it fall on her head. Make sure not to kill the security guard, as that is an unnecessary kill. The next part is somewhat tricky and can be freestyled.

There is a maid in the room to your right who will want to see what is happening. While the guard is on his phone, shoot the wall in the room with the maid. She will stay inside for a few more seconds, giving you time to make your next move.

The guard will hang up his phone and approach the body. Next, pull out your coin when the two guards are inspecting the body. Throw it behind them, so they both turn their back. One of the guards will stay to drag out the body. Get up close to him, and stay behind him. You’ll have an opportunity to go inside the door to the left. 

This new room is where the safe is, but there’s a guard in here. As soon as you walk in, get ready to throw a coin halfway up the staircase to distract the guard. With the guard’s back turned, you can walk around the right side of the room. There’s a button to activate on the chair, which will allow you to open the safe on the bookshelf. The code for the safe is 1975.

Next, you can make your way back out of the room, taking the same path. Shoot near the staircase to cause the guard to turn and check it out. While he’s doing that, open the door and get your coin or pistol ready. Use either one to distract the two guards and the maid in the hall. Your goal is to make them turn their backs so you can escape down the hall and out the window.

Once you back it out the window, you can backtrack to the starting area. If you spot anyone nearby, use your pistol as a distraction so you can sneak through to the exit. That’s how to complete Hitman 3 Dartmoor “Death in the Family” mission and get the Suit Only and Silent Assassin challenges.