Scanning windows so Grey can open them can be a great way to get around Dubai’s Burj Al-Ghazali. The entire building exterior is glass, after all. For one of the Dubai challenges, you’ll need to scan all six windows in a single run. Luckily, this is easily doable in about five minutes using our route. Here’s how to scan all window locations in Dubai for the Easy Breezy challenge in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3: All Window Locations in Dubai

There are six windows in total, and we’ll go through each location down below.

Window #1

The first window is at the beginning of the level, so to complete this challenge, you’ll want to start in the Skydiving Suit on the Burj Al-Ghazali exterior. You will automatically need to scan the first window to enter the building, so that’s one off the list.

Hitman 3 Dubai Windows - Location 1

Window #2 and 3

When you enter the atrium lobby, head up the stairs and turn around. We’re going to enter through the staff door that’s locked with a keypad. Use the code 4706 to enter, and then turn on the vacuum in the hallway. Wait for the cleaning lady to investigate and subdue her. Continue down the hall, and run past the guards. Don’t worry if they run after you.

The next two windows are in the room to your left. Quickly scan them both, and then hop out the window because we’ll need to scale the building to get to the next one anyway.

Hitman 3 Dubai Windows - Location 2 and 3

Windows #4

Scale the building, and then climb up the pipe to get to the next level. Dropdown onto the lift and scan the fourth window to gain entry to the third floor. When you’re inside, you should see a guard at the end of the hall. Wait for him to patrol to the left, and then walk over to him and take him out. Steal his disguise because we’ll need it for the next two windows.

Dubai Windows 4

Windows #5 and 6

Go back down the hall from which you came, and hop over the railing. Dropdown into the tech area, and then jump over the wall. Go around and down the steps and continue straight past the fragile equipment storage boxes. Continue straight, and you should see the final two windows straight ahead of you. Scan them both, and the prompt should come up saying you completed the Easy Breezy challenge in Dubai.

Dubai Windows 5 and 6

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