Hitman 3’s poppin’ warehouse rave level in Berlin, Germany, has three persistent shortcut locations. That means once you find them, they unlock for you forever, so you might as well run through and grab them all real quick. You can find all of them in about three minutes or so, and we’ll run you through all the shortcuts in this post. Here are all shortcut locations in Berlin in Hitman 3.

It’s easiest to start at the club entrance location, near the pat-down area, since the first shortcut is right inside there. Refer to the video for a walkthrough, and scroll down for a written guide.

Hitman 3: All Shortcut Locations in Berlin

There are three shortcut locations in Berlin, and here’s how to unlock all of them.

Shortcut #1 – Side Door Club Entrance

After loading into the game at the club entrance location, head through the pat-down area. When you get the green light to pass, walk through and take a right. The first shortcut is the side door behind the club entrance. Walk over to it, and hit your interact key to unlock it, no special tools required.

Shortcut #2 – Roof Access

Next, turn around and head up the flight of stairs. When you get to the roof, go right and grab the crowbar at the bottom of the ventilation system. Use the crowbar to knock out the guard standing to the left, guarding the next set of stairs. Take his disguise, and go up the stairs to the roof. 

Walk up the stairs and continue straight along the roof. There’s a sunroof latch that’s open that you can drop down into, and you’ll find the second shortcut in there. Break the lock by interacting with it.

Hitman 3: All Shortcut Locations in Berlin - Shortcut 2

Shortcut #3 – Biker Stairs

Climb back up to the roof from where you came, and make your way over to the drug dealer. We’re going to the biker area, and there are lots of cameras over there, so be careful if you’re on professional or master difficulty. From the drug dealer guy, jump up on the shipping container and then up onto the walkway.

Go in the far door on the left, and then make a left and walk down the stairs. Continue to the bottom of the flights of stairs, and you will see the final shortcut on a side door entrance.

Hitman 3: All Shortcut Locations in Berlin - Shortcut 3