Hide Or Die – Ultimate Stitches Guide

How to Stitches. This guide will go over everything you need to know about his personal perks, unique augments, abilities, general play style, and general tips & tricks for him as well as my personal opinion on each perk and augment he has.

Stitches Tools and Abilities


Stitches has increased base jump height, however he has a slightly slower base movement speed from the other hunters. He is also considerably smaller and shorter than the other hunters, which allows him to walk through many areas that other hunters would normally have to crouch under- The main case of this is the area underneath the main stage area on Wonder World- Stitches can walk/sprint under all the entrances there and he doesn’t have to crouch under them, allowing you to be very effective in that area.


Stitches main tool of tracking and gaining information on the map. Without perks or augments, you can store 1 jackbox and you gain 1 jackbox every 10 seconds. When a player walks into the radius that player has their aura revealed for 2 seconds, a noise notification goes off, and you gain 100 points for the action. Once triggered, jackboxes will be highlighted in red and can be triggered again if a player walks into that radius again until replaced.

However this will NOT reveal them again. You can only have 2 jackboxes active on the map at once, if you try to place another one while you already have 2 on the map, the oldest jackbox gets replaced. These jackboxes can be modified with various perks and augments to make them much more effective.

Efficient Jackbox Usage

The best and main way that you want to be using your jackboxes is placing them at or very close to extractors. The best and most consistent way to place them is either right in front or on top of the extractor panel, or to put it in one of the nooks to the side of the extractor and both are nearly guaranteed to trigger when a player goes to interact with the extractor which will give you value and information out of that jackbox.

Examples of what these spots look like…

Other Jackbox Uses

Without perks and augments for this, you’re better off using them in the ways I described above, however if you’re running perks like Jump Scare, Explosive Boxes, Oblivious, Reverse Connection, that can help you during chases, it might be worth throwing a jackbox at someone during a chase. Explosive Boxes are pretty self explanatory, however it’s worth to note about some other perks that can effect your jackboxes in a chase. Something like Jump Scare will drain 50% stamina when someone triggers it, which if you throw a jackbox in front of someone and they trigger it, they won’t have their stamina back for a while which allows you to close the distance much faster.

If you have oblivious and you do it, that person will have absolutely no clue where you are during the next 10 seconds in the chase unless they physically see you, which can lead to some extremely sneaky and surprise hits on survivors. Also worth noting they won’t even know when Oblivious hits them because of the silent trigger, which makes this even more deadly. Reverse Connection is a nice choice to do this in a chase if you throw the box then leave the chase in order to pressure the map or go for someone else as if they hit it, you’ll detect everyone for the next few seconds.

General Game Plan and Strategy

Start of match

At the start of the match, my typical strategy will be to go to the nearest extractor, see if anyone is around, if not, throw a box at the extractor and move on to the next one. You usually want to be having 2 jackboxes on the map at once at key points- mainly extractors because this enables you have to have more map pressure and information, especially if you’re running perks like oblivious and reverse connection. Your general game plan will be to go from extractor to extractor, boxing them and looking for survivors. A good way to look for survivors, especially if you know they’re around is to use your vertical mobility to your advantage, standing on high ground to get a very good view of whats around you and any potential survivors.


Stitches has the most creative chase potential out of all the hunters because of his insane vertical mobility that allows him to scale the map very efficiently and do things other hunters simply cannot do. You never want to be chasing in a straight line unless absolutely necessary, since Stitches is slower than other hunters, he has a tougher time chasing players as he’s simply slower. Despise his slower speed, he’s still obviously faster and can easily use creative paths and map terrain to cut off survivors and get some very sneaky hits. Especially with perks and augments like double jump and high jump, your ability to jump around is a huge tool to you, as this is your main ability in a chase unless you’re running chase-oriented jackboxes such as explosive jackboxes or stamina draining jackboxes.

Learning how to use Stitches mobility and creative pathing is really a tool you just need to learn by playing him. The more you play him, the more ways you’ll be able to use his mobility to your advantage. Once you master Stitches, you can end chases very quickly by cutting players off. Another helpful note to remember when you play as Stitches- Players cannot hear you while jumping and thus cannot hear your footsteps, which makes it insanely difficult for them to track you in a chase. Use this to your advantage.


Giving this it’s own section as Stitches has the most creative ways to deal with these. Stitches has many great ways of dealing with scaffoldings that many hunters do not have. He has many perks and augments that can make dealing with scaffoldings an absolute joke, if not making them a tool for himself to use against the survivors. If you’re running a perk like slip & slide, you can simply slide under them. If you’re running double jump, you can easily jump over an entire scaffolding with a well timed jump, rendering it useless, or you can just straight up jump around it or avoid it entirely if the terrain is correct. It’s very rare you actually need to break a scaffolding as Stitches as he has so many tools to counter them.

Explosive Boxes will one-shot scaffoldings and damage extractors as well.

Last Note: If someone is trying to camp under a scaffolding, often referred to as ‘Scaf Stalling’ if you aim low when lunging, towards the survivors legs, you can often times get the hit off instead of just hitting the scaffolding. Thank you Joelly for this tip ^_^

Tips & Tricks

Might be obvious, however, don’t forget about your Jackboxes on Stitches. I’ve seen a lot of people play him without even touching the 2 key the entire match. These things are your main way (not including dark sight) to track people without perks and augments, and you should be using them often, the only time I would say to not use them is if you already have 2 placed on extractors. Especially in this case, if you have 2 jackboxes already placed on extractors, I’d highly advise against placing one in a chase as if you do it’ll replace one of your Jackboxes on the map already which seriously hurts your map pressure.

If you’re running Spring Board which unlocks double jump, you can double jump over any scaffolding in the open. In order to do this you need to do a normal jump, but wait for a little bit until the jump reaches its apex, then do a double jump which allows you to clear the scaffolding entirely. If you do it correctly, you’ll lose a little bit of momentum but will allow you to get on top of the scaffolding and run over it. This is even better if you can get a slightly elevated jumping point which would allow you to clear it entirely without losing momentum.

If you ever get the bug where you physically cannot jump on Stitches- GO THROUGH A DARKNESS WARP, THIS WILL FIX IT. Stepping in a bear trap, or being shot by a tazer will also fix this bug.

If you get stuck on the corn- … This bug is an absolute terror and the worst nightmare of any Double Jump Stitches player. The best way to avoid this, is if you start gliding on the corn, hold any of the movement keys down as this will cause you to very slowly move forwards and will eventually free you from the top. However, if you get completely sucked into the corner of the top of the corn where you can’t move at all, hate to say it but you’re pretty much screwed for the rest of the match. Unless someone throws a really good warp teleporter, you’re basically just stuck.

This is a more general hunter tip, however- Use the darkness warps located on each map to your advantage. I don’t see enough people who actually utilize them effectively, they can quickly get you around the map from point A to point B very fast. The only map where they aren’t all that useful is Wonder World just because of where they’re placed. They’re not around any extractors. However they are pretty close to hatches which can be useful for the end of the match. Each map has 3 darkness warps. These are especially useful at the start of the match- There’s nothing more satisfying than spawning on Slaughterhouse, taking the darkness warp closest to your spawn, teleporting to the train station warp, then getting a quick hit on someone trying to start that extractor. Note- Darkness warps that aren’t created by teleporters will be disabled when a survivor gets too close to it- This is to prevent survivors purposefully abusing teleporters to force the Hunter to teleport if they wanted to hit them.

Another Obvious Tip- Play and Experiment with Stitches to see what you like best and to learn what you can do. I won’t put specific places and spots that you can do in this guide just because it’s really up to you to learn what you can do with Stitches Mobility. As with anything in life, he’ll probably be frustrating to play and at first you might lose a match or 2, however once you learn what you’re doing he’s incredibly fun and skill expressive to play.

Stitches Personal Perks & Information

Perk Strength & Personal Opinions

Bouncy Ball – This perk is just outclassed by Spring Board in every way possible- even when using it, it feels really clunky and inconsistent. Don’t use this perk, it’s a waste of a perk slot unfortunately.

Ground Pound – This perk is a whole ton of fun to use, but unfortunately not very viable as it only does 1 damage and it does stun you for a short duration after using it. However you can combine this with a well timed slam + melee for a 5 damage combo, but unfortunately the extra 1 damage doesn’t do too much for you.

Oblivious – One of his best perks, this perk has insane potential as people don’t hear when they trigger a jackbox and on top of that they can’t hear your heartbeat for 10 seconds, as well as the base highlight duration, so basically when someone hits a jackbox, they have no clue where you are for the next 10 seconds which allows you to do some insane plays and get some stealthy hits on unsuspecting survivors. Overall amazing perk.

Playtime – This perk is nice, allows you to briefly see where everyone is on the map after killing someone- It’s very nice for snowballing a game, especially if you kill someone then the next person is close- allowing you to go from target to target quickly. This perk is nice, however it’s not really great if there’s no one nearby after getting a kill and it’s honestly outclassed by reverse connection as it does the same thing but gets proc’d much more often if you’re efficient with your jackboxes.

Reverse Connection – Easily in his top 3 perks, this perk provides you an absolute insane amount of map information. Every time someone hits a box everyone gets highlighted for the reveal duration, this perk is amazing as it makes finding those hide and seek champs much easier and can help you to track people in and out of chases. The amount of knowledge this perk provides so much information and I’d highly recommend running it in any top tier Stitches builds. Final note on this perk- Survivors are NOT informed that they are revealed by this perk when someone else hits a jackbox. Survivors will be completely oblivious to the fact that they’re revealed to you unless someone in comms points it out, or they hear a box go off.

Rigged To Blow – This perk isn’t terrible and is fun to use, however in a serious build, this is kind of a joke as it only does 1 tick of damage and that’s 1 tick every ~12 effective seconds. Unfortunately poke damage doesn’t really do too much for Stitches as he mainly will do damage in bursts of 4, however it can be nice if a survivor is at something like 6 ticks after a revive and you only need that extra 2 to finish them off, but there is also the major down to this perk that your jackboxes can’t be used to highlight and reveal players. Fun perk, but not very viable in a serious build.

Slip & Slide – The main use of this perk is to slide around during chases as when you use this you can slide freely with Stitches. Sliding under scaffolding is definitely useful in a chase, but when you run something like double jump you really don’t need the ability to slide under them as you can normally bypass them entirely as stitches. However you can use this to slide around as it does seem to make you somewhat faster, however it’s inconsistent and very timing based. This perk is honestly unnecessary but it’s really up to you if you want to use it or not. You can also lunge and quick melee while sliding which is nice.

Spring Board – Probably Stitches best perk- This perk takes Stitches vertical mobility, and basically doubles it. This perk allows you to do do some really interesting pathing and pursuit routes during chases. This perk is definitely my favorite and it completely changes how you can play Stitches. It opens up so many new opportunities to get around the map. Easily an S tier perk.

True Sight – Just don’t. As of right now this perk is absolutely terrible and hurts you so many more times than it helps you. Losing dark sight is a huge disadvantage for a hunter and on top of that it gives you a really bad ability in it’s place. The only real applicable use of this perk is tracking people through smokes and those who break LOS quickly, however you’re best off just avoiding using this perk until it’s buffed or rework, because as of right now you’re shooting yourself in the foot to use this perk.

Stitches Personal Augments & Information

Only augments that are UNIQUE to Stitches will be put here.

Augment Strength & Personal Opinion

Farsighted – As True Sight is already a terrible perk, this doesn’t really change anything about the perk. Useless unless you have True Sight and you don’t want to run that perk so this augment is pretty much useless.

High Jump – This augment is a great alternative to double jump if you want to free up a perk slot from double jump and run another perk for your jackboxes. Easily the best augment out of his personal ones as it pretty much allows you to free up a perk slot for an augment slot. Can also be combined with double jump for absolutely insane vertical mobility.

Jump Scare – This augment really doesn’t do much unless they trigger a box while you’re close. However if you’re chasing a survivor you can throw a jackbox ahead of them and if they trigger it you get a free hit now because they just lost all their stamina. Definitely a good augment, greatly helps you in chases, however it’s pretty useless if the survivor hits a jackbox across the map as you won’t really get any value.

Keep Away – A very nice augment to run. This isn’t really necessary but gives you a better chance for someone to actually trigger a jackbox, especially during a chase. Very nice augment to have but unfortunately not all that useful outside of chases.

Packed Tight – This augment is pretty much a must have when you want to use explosive jackboxes as that is the only purpose of this augment. Makes a big difference on the AOE effect of the explosive jackboxes. This augment is useless unless you’re running explosive boxes, and if you are it’s pretty much a must have.

Surprise – The extra reveal duration is nice, especially with reverse connection as it will extend the duration on all players. Nothing amazing nothing terrible, an overall decent augment that you can run if you want even better tracking.

Toy Box – This perk isn’t really useful if you’re running normal boxes as having 2 at once is nice, but honestly it isn’t all that useful as you usually don’t need a second box within a 10 second time period. Very nice if you’re running explosive boxes as it allows you to throw them a lot more frequently.

True Sight 20/20 – Again another True Sight augment. If you’re gonna run True Sight this augment is pretty much mandatory as it makes it work SOMEWHAT. However pretty much useless as True Sight is terrible still.

Stitches Perk and Augment Combos

These Builds will either be a Serious build or a Fun build. Serious builds will help increase your chances of winning a match while fun builds will be for if you want to mess around and have some fun with Stitches.

Ol’ Reliable – Serious: Reverse Connection, Springboard, Perception, Nail in Coffin

This is my tried and true build that is very well rounded in every area. This builds gives all 3 of the ASM buffs which are all extremely useful on Stitches and is great in looking for and detecting people around the map as well as getting around the map with double jump. This is pretty much my Go-To Stitches build if I want to win the game as Perception is an absolutely amazing tracking augment, and in my opinion is the best augment in the entire game, and Nail in Coffin has saved me countless times, especially when people try to drop a chase by going for a save, it gives you that little extra time to secure a hit on that survivor going for the save.

Track ‘Em and Trick ‘Em – Serious: Reverse Connection, Oblivious, Perception, High Jump

This is another top tier build for Stitches, giving all 3 ASM buffs, this build excels at tracking people while also being very sneaky about it as they have no clue you’re tracking them when they hit a jackbox because of oblivious. Worth noting- Oblivious only applies to the person who triggers the jackbox, not everyone if you have Reverse Connection equipped. You can replace Perception for another augment of your choice, however I just value this augment so high due to the amount of insane value it gives you, so it’s pretty much in almost every build I run on all my hunters. This build does replace Springboard which allows double jump for High Jump which takes some time to get used to as they play pretty different, however High Jump does free up that perk slot to allow you to use Oblivious in this build without losing too much vertical mobility.

6/7 DAMAGE COMBO – Fun: Ground Pound, Rigged To Blow, Packed Tight, Toy Box

This build is pretty much a complete meme but it’s somehow extremely fun to play. The idea behind this is to throw an explosive jackbox at someone, deal 1 tick of damage, throw another jackbox because of toybox, then do a ground pound + melee combo to do another 5 damage, effectively giving you a 6/7 damage hit, which is enough to one shot someone who’s already died once. Lots of fun here, but if you want to win the game I wouldn’t recommend this because this one gives up viability for fun. Unfortunately you don’t get the awareness buff with this build, however it’s not the end of the world because you can play efficiently without it. You can also run High Jump instead of Toy Box in this build if you want more vertical mobility as Stitches without something to buff his vertical mobility feels pretty bad. Toy Box is just for that extra Explosive Jackbox for the sake of the build.

STEALTHY PARKOUR GOD – Fun: Bouncy Ball, Spring Board, This Augment Can Be Any, High Jump

You can really replace Jump Scare with whatever else you want that gives 2 mobility. Like the name implies, you’re gonna be an absolute parkour god jumping around everywhere with this build and you’ll have no heartbeat while in Dark Sight which allows you to get up high on a building and jump down on unsuspecting survivors. You do some really sneaky plays with this because of no heartbeat in Dark Sight. Very fun build however not the most viable, but good if you want to absolutely give someone a surprise attack.

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