Heroes & Generals – How to Earn More Credits

Have you been putting hours into the game but don’t seem to be gaining many credits? This guide briefly discusses some simple ways to increase the credits you earn which will make the time you put into the game more worthwhile.

Guide to Gaining Credits


Heroes and Generals is a fantastic game for playing a casual FPS with friends. Another attraction to the game is the progression of unlocking new characters, weapons and vehicles. However, it can take a lot of hours to have enough credits to purchase the best weapons that you so desperately desire. This guide talks about how credits are earned and ways of maximising the credits you earn in your battles playing as infantry.

The Basics To Earning Credits

You Get Paid In 3 Ways:

1. How Much XP Gained In Each Match, the more XP gained = more credits earned:

Now this is the biggest factor you can change and improve on, the rest of the guide is based mainly on maximising this factor. But in simple terms, the more XP means the more Credits you will earn, and therefore the faster you gain XP, the more credits you get to buy stuff. I will explain in much greater detail below. In my opinion the next 2 ways of getting paid are less important but i’ll mention them anyway below.

2. Rank Of Your Character, higher the rank = more credits you earn:

You want the highest possible rank to earn the maximum credits from playing. Whichever faction you play as, your character gets paid hourly, starting off at the minimum rate of 8,200 credits and the maximum rate being at 14,700 credits. The only way to increase your rank is by playing lots and leveling up. To level up faster you need to gain more XP, this is explained later in the guide.

3. The Length Of Each Match, longer matches = more credits you earn:

Generally speaking, the longer the battles are, the more money you get paid. However you personally can’t do a great deal to change the length of the battle.

Maximise Credit Efficiency

Ways To Increase XP And Credits Earned:

1. Choose A Grindy Loadout:

To get lots of XP you basically want to kill as many people as possible, and try to top frag on your team. So lets keep it simple, you either want to be an Entry Fragger – who has a fast rate of fire weapon. Or you want to be a Sniper- who has a more accurate and precise weapon that picks off enemy players. Or finally you want to be a Sweeper – who basically has a mid range weapon and picks off everyone else who hasn’t been killed. Now this is the character you want to create if you are looking to grind it out, don’t get me wrong the Entry Fragger and Sniper are crucial roles, however generally speaking, the Sweeper=MoreKills=FasterCredits. So you want to equip the basic rifle for your specified faction, e.g M1 Garand for US. These rifles may seem terrible at first, however after a few games you will get used to it, and the crucial thing is to aim for the head, and because the base grade rifles are so stable, and have an average rate of fire for a mid-range rifle they do the job perfectly. So as a Sweeper you want to be pushing in behind the entry fraggers, and sometimes even holding back a while until the opportunity arrives to move forward.

Aim for the head.


2. Minimise Upkeep Costs:

This is a huge element in making credits fast. You want to minimise you maintenance cost as much as possible and therefore maximise your profit. To do this, you want to carefully decide what upgrades to use if any, now if you are struggling as to what are the best/effective upgrades to your weapon, then just search your weapon up on youtube and there are loads of videos out there that will help massively. Now, all you have to do to reduce maintenance costs, is use your basic rifle, and don’t upgrade it at all, I know this sounds stupid, but hear me out. Picture the scene, you have your M1 Garand (or equivalent) out – you see some dude who looks vulnerable – you shoot them in the head – then you can pick up their weapon (and 9 times out of 10, it’ll be better than your base grade rifle) – now you have a better weapon, and there is no maintenance cost for that weapon. You only pay for the upkeep of your weapons, so this same idea works for teammates’ weapons, grab em. Furthermore, you can re-supply enemy weapons using the re-supply stations and this wont cost any upkeep for you. This will result in extremely low upkeep costs, I have been using this tactic for a while now, when i’m saving up for a skin and haven’t had 1 battle that has been over 1000 credits upkeep (admittedly I was using this tactic for the whole game), so you guys can do it to, just remember, aim for the head.

M1 G with no upgrades:

Steeling enemy weapons:

Borrowing friendly weapons:

Pick up anything with an outline:

3. Gain XP where you can

This means whenever possible; unlock enemy vehicles, blow vehicles up with Panzerfausts, shoot motorbikes in the engine. This may seem pointless, however it gains you more XP than you think, and whats the harm, after all you have just picked up an enemies weapon, so you’re not charged for wasting ammo.

Example: Shooting motorbike in engine:

4. Play War Battles

It’s simple, you get more money. War battles earn you 25% bonus credits and also 50% Rank and Ribbon XP. You also get Warfunds, however they are not needed in saving up for items.

5. Communication = Win = Credits

Communication plays a crucial part in winning a battle, however in H&G there is no voice chat. But you can type to your fellow teammates, and this is something that not many people do, yet it is effective in many situations. The following are just some of the many situations when feedback to teammates is vital for success:

Tank Spotting – Examples: ‘2 tanks far right forest’ / ‘1 tank rly low push it’ etc

Sniper Locations – Examples: ‘sniper camping d4 bridge’ / ‘small barn window sniper’ etc

Team Tactics – This can be very simple:

  • By looking at each teams resources you can make decisions, for example if u have limited transport, say ‘spawn in car’, instead of 5 trucks being wasted, transport is critical in winning small battles, and it’s the small battles that win the war.
  • Using short ‘def’ in chat meaning defend, for example ‘def e4’.
  • Seeing which line you will spawn on as a squad due to the homebase sign, meaning you can decide whether it’s a good line to get an apc in.
  • APCs – They are the lifeline to battles, when used properly. Make it clear in the chat who’s using apc and sometimes asking for backup, to act as an escort. This could mean winning or losing a battle. It’s useful to have an infantry character with a wrench to heal friendly APCs and Tanks.

Team Moral – There are very few toxic players in H&G due to poor communication systems, however it still occasionally happens, so just leave them flaming by themselves in the chat, don’t stoke the fire.


Here is proof that it works, ‘The grind is finally real lads’. However this was a long battle of 52:47.

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